How to Make Sure Your NetSuite SuiteApp Implementation is a Train Wreck

Many of you have been asking, “Hey! What do I need to do to guarantee my next implementation will go sour?”

Well, that’s easy!

We’ve comprised a list of suggestions that are sure to turn your NetSuite SuiteApp implementation into a complete train wreck.


NetSuite SuiteApp Implementation

9 sure-fire suggestions to make sure your next NetSuite system implementation is a complete Train Wreck

Suggestion #1:

Don’t bother getting the executive team involved in the project. They have better things to do and don’t even care about it.

Suggestion #2:

Make sure the project team is 100% IT people. Let the business people run the business while the project people handle the project. They can always catch up in the training the week before go-live (see Suggestion #9).

Suggestion #3:

Be sure to pick the cheapest product! Of all of the options on the market, I’m sure they’re all the same.

Suggestion #4:

Make sure your new solution is EXACTLY the same as your legacy solution. I mean, if it isn’t broke, why fix it, right?!

Suggestion #5:

If you are implementing a solution while implementing NetSuite, don’t worry about any prior relationship between your partner and your solution. They won’t need to work together at all. I’m sure you’ll all end up in the same place at the right time. 

Suggestion #6:

Short projects don’t have the same impact or importance as long ones. Make sure you take as much time as you need to engineer the perfect solution before going live.

Suggestion #7:

Ask your chosen solution to design and implement BEFORE you have any idea on how you intend to utilize and design NetSuite. They’re the experts - they’ll figure it out.

Suggestion #8:

Deprioritize the creation of good test data. Even though it will slow down testing, issue resolution, training, AND put the entire project at risk, it is tedious and time consuming so just do it later.

Suggestion #9:

Don’t worry about training. This system will be so easy to use, you can always follow-up with someone after you go-live.

BONUS Suggestion:

Ignore all of the previous suggestions. In fact, do the opposite.

Or, if you’re still unclear, let one of our team members know and we’ll help steer you in the right direction to ensure your ERP experience is a complete success!

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