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Success Partners supports the direct selling industry by providing marketing, promotional materials, kitting, and a range of business building products, including the publication of Success Magazine.

When Success Partners began looking for a new ERP solution, it faced the problem every business wants to have. After launching a new eCommerce platform and expanding its product line, sales were skyrocketing. But its ERP was ill-equipped to handle that growth and was unable to communicate effectively with the new eCommerce system. Their custom applications that automated individual business processes didn’t communicate well with the legacy ERP system, resulting in many manual operations.

“Rather than having six different systems, we wanted one fully integrated ERP that could automate all of our operations (including manufacturing and order fulfillment), provide stable financials, and work with our eCommerce solution. Because we no longer wanted to manage servers and other hardware internally on a daily basis, we also wanted the solution that ran in the cloud,” explained Coy Moore, Director of Operations for Success Partners.

Success Partners Experiences Growth without Adding Headcount

“NetSuite offered an integrated ERP platform that ran in the cloud at a cost that met our budget. The feature set complemented our eCommerce platform. We also liked the fact the NetSuite is continually evolving and could grow with us,” said Moore.

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Success Partners went live on NetSuite in November of 2014, and began looking for an add-on solution to further automate order fulfillment, cycle count, and work order management for its manufacturing operations.

We chose RF-SMART because it’s extremely easy to use, integrates seamlessly with NetSuite and continually evolves with it. They’re also a very good partner that helps us work through any issues,” explained Jeff Ray, Inventory Control Manager for Success Partners. 

Fulfillment processes are now considerably more productive because operators pick many orders at once, rather than one at a time. Using a Motorola TC 55 handheld device, operators scan multiple packing slips into RF-SMART. The solution consults NetSuite about the location of bins containing each item, then maps out a single, direct path for operators to take to pick items for all the orders. As they pick items and ship orders, operators scan them. With instant access to this data, NetSuite tracks item movement and order shipments in real time versus once a day in batch mode.

“The new streamlined order fulfillment process has enabled us to handle 30 percent growth without adding headcount,” said Moore. 

Greater Order and Inventory Accuracy

Order fulfillment accuracy has also increased from the low 90 percentages to 99 percent because RF-SMART instantly informs operators if they pick the wrong item.  

During the manufacturing process, RF-SMART helps Success Partners more flexibly allocate parts to work orders and better manage inventory to reduce shrinkage. RF-SMART tracks the movement of parts throughout the plant in real-time as they are used to create components, and ultimately finished products. The company always knows the location of items and can adjust to changing manufacturing schedules on the fly, while the shop floor can also proactively inform customers if any lags occur in the manufacturing process, increasing customer satisfaction.

Once products are complete, the company always knows what’s in inventory. Previously, a highly manual inventory management process meant that some manufactured items weren’t recognized until the month-end or even year-end cycle count.

“We now have a much better understanding of inventory aging and are much more on top of inventory management,” said Ray.

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“We now have a much better understanding of inventory aging and are much more on top of inventory management,”

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