USA Foods Case Study

USA Foods is an Australian-based company that brings American-made food products to the Australian consumer.  Prior to implementing NetSuite and RF-SMART, USA Foods was completely paper-based. The results of inefficiency, inaccuracy and redundancy drove USA Foods management to search for a solution.

Phil Bertino, USA Foods Chief Operating Officer, saw compounding problems arising on his warehouse floor from use of paper-based processes. Prior to RF-SMART, “Everything was manual,” states Bertino. The delay of relaying information of an item’s intended location to its actual location meant that employees were spending more time tracking inventory down than picking to complete orders. “I saw a need to improve efficiency and accuracy – we needed to bring the transaction to the floor.”

With more than 3,000 line items in and out of the warehouse, the need for accurate inventory and real-time visibility was crucial to the efficiency of warehouse operations for USA Foods.

IMG_4544Implementation: Real-time, Real Easy

Having implemented NetSuite two years previously, RF-SMART was an obvious choice to complement NetSuite, according to Bertino. RF-SMART’s seamless integration into NetSuite enabled USA Foods to go from a completely manual system of handling pick slips, bin location, and cycle counts to real-time visibility of all warehouse activity within 2 months. The results, however, were impressive immediately. Real-time inventory updates to NetSuite has significantly streamlined the warehouse of USA Foods. RF-SMART’s Bin Putaway has eliminated incorrect item location errors, so warehouse workers are no longer guessing where the inventory might be.

With its intuitive UI, RF-SMART was also easy to implement on the warehouse floor. Training was minimal as users were already familiar with the look and feel of RF-SMART. “Everyone has a smart phone these days, so it’s very easy to teach,” Bertino said. Bertino has found the administration and management of RF-SMART to be painless as well. Whether on a handheld, mobile, or Windows 7 computer, RF-SMART is easy for all employees to use.

Real results

After implementing RF-SMART, USA Foods employees no longer spend more time on inventory accuracy; instead they are spending time picking orders. RF-SMART’s Pick Multiple Order has boosted productivity by putting pickers on the most efficient route through the warehouse. As a result, USA Foods is seeing an increase of 2x the number of picking orders. Not only does USA Foods ship more orders a day, but their picking accuracy is now at 99.9%.

In a competitive online marketplace, customer satisfaction remains top priority, and with RF-SMART, USA Foods customers are receiving their orders correctly on the first shipment. “RF-SMART eliminates a lot of mistakes and input error, and customer complaints are now non-existent,” said Bertino. “I wish we had RF-SMART from the beginning of going live with NetSuite.”

USA Foods has also increased overall productivity by 30% with RF-SMART. Before RF-SMART, the only way Bertino saw to improve efficiency and accuracy in the warehouse was to manually recheck every order, every receipt and every pick. RF-SMART eliminates this need, as well as other inefficient, paper-based processes. Items are received and put away, RF-SMART prompts users to the correct locations, it then updates NetSuite and prompts warehouse employees to fulfill orders.

Bertino recommends RF-SMART to anyone implementing NetSuite. “If you’re signing up with NetSuite, spend the time and resources to include RF-SMART. It will be worth no longer worrying about fixing inventory problems.”

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"RF-SMART eliminates a lot of mistakes and input error, and customer complaints are now non-existent. I wish we had RF-SMART from the beginning of going live with NetSuite." 

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