Loma Linda Case Study

Prior to implementing Oracle SCM Cloud, most of FairfieldNodal's inventory management processes were paper-based. Based on recommendations and findings on the Oracle Marketplace, FairfieldNodal implemented RF-SMART for inventory management 

Loma Linda University Health is comprised of six hospitals and a university focused on health care careers. Dedicated to expanding their outreach, they have plans to build a new hospital as well. With such a large operation, it was imperative for the Loma Linda leadership to have visibility across all locations. 

Standardize and Simplify with Cloud

With locations at each hospital operating separately, it was difficult to determine where funds and supplies were being used. With the move to Oracle SCM Cloud also came a directive to simplify orders and ensure efficient PAR management. “We have PAR locations in every nursing unit, and we needed a way to manage that. Our orders have to get out every day or we compromise patient care, and that’s not an option for us.”said Kathy Zavodnik, Director of Operations for Supply Chain Management.

Based on a recommendation from Oracle, Loma Linda chose RF-SMART to fulfill the necessary PAR functionality. Before implementing RF-SMART, Loma Linda employees were completing PAR activities with paper and pencil. Employees would hunt for items on the stockroom shelves and after locating them, write down the information on the PAR order form. That form would then be keyed in by another employee.

Adding to the challenge was the size of some of their PAR locations. “Our biggest challenge has been the OR, due to its large size and amount of supplies,” Kathy said. RF-SMART provides the flexibility for Loma Linda to manage those PAR locations based on usage rather than a minimum/maximum inventory level.  “Now my employees just walk the shelves and scan as needed. They are happy!”

Inventory Visibility and Control


Not just a way to complete orders, RF-SMART has brought more visibility and control into PAR management. “By using RF-SMART, our PAR inventory levels correspond to consumption. If we need to adjust bin levels, that’s easy to do within RF-SMART.” 

Beginning with viewing the PAR count in RF-SMART, Kathy has full visibility all the way through to PO receipt and PAR replenishment. “Using RF-SMART, everyone from our Vice President, to our sales processing department, to the technicians has exactly what they need,” Kathy said. “We needed a way to simplify the ordering process, and now we have it.”


Simple Training, Thorough Support

Implementation, training and support are also much simpler for the Loma Linda team now. Instead of taking months to train new employees on all PAR locations, training with RF-SMART is quick and efficient. “New employees can be up and running within a week,” said Kathy.

“RF-SMART was built to be user friendly. The functionality happening in the background is allowing my employees to work without feeling any technology pain. It simply tells you what to do,” Kathy said.

This level of support was consistent throughout the implementation, with the RF-SMART team on site to ensure Loma Linda employees were comfortable and confident prior to go-live.

Greater Accuracy in Oracle

Using RF-SMART, Loma Linda technicians are able to complete PAR activities quickly and efficiently. With all product being scanned, picks completed correctly, and inventory levels reflected in Oracle, Loma Linda is moving towards accurate data. “RF-SMART will let us true up our PAR locations and inventory - the functionality is exactly what we need,” said Kathy. Moving forward, Kathy plans to use this accurate data to better manage PAR levels.

Loma Linda is so pleased with their success to date that they plan to roll out additional RF-SMART and Cloud functionality.  “I’m looking forward to all the coming additions,” Kathy said. “We know the RF-SMART product is continually evolving and improving alongside Oracle Cloud, and that’s one of the many reasons RF-SMART is such a good partner.”

"Our orders have to get out every day or we compromise patient care, and that’s not an option for us. RF-SMART will let us true up our PAR locations and inventory - the functionality is exactly what we need."

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