Hardware 101: Replacing Wrinkled or Faded Barcodes

It’s time to share some secret wisdom for keeping your hardware up to speed without investing too much money into a new system. Every month, RF-SMART will spotlight a particular tip or trick from our dedicated hardware team. 

Faded BarcodesMaintaining your barcode labels

This month's tip & trick is all about maintaining your barcode labels. How do your labels look? If barcode labels become damaged, wrinkled or faded, it can cause difficult scans.

Customers can stay ahead of the curb by ensuring that all of their location labels are intact. Be sure to check labels regularly and replace any that appear to be damaged to prevent further bar code scanning issues.

And speaking of not investing too much money into a new system … 

So, if you were wondering what you were going to do about that barcode scanner Mike from the warehouse ran over last week with the forklift, you can trade it in! Ask us about our available promotions and offers from top hardware manufacturers.