RF-SMART is the #1 Brand of Inventory Management for Oracle SCM Cloud Users

For Oracle SCM Cloud, there’s no smarter bet for mobile data collection than RF-SMART. A strategic partner for Oracle Cloud, RF-SMART has worked closely with Oracle Product Strategy and Product Development to develop a real-time, high performance cloud application that delivers powerful functionality for Oracle Inventory Cloud and Manufacturing Cloud.

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Configurable, SCM Cloud-specific functionality


Leverages Oracle functional security models


Offers easy sign-on with Oracle login credentials


The first SCM application approved for the Oracle SCM Cloud Marketplace


Delivers proven ROI benefits

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Why Mobile for Healthcare?

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Healthcare Providers can streamline materials-related activities, improve control over PAR Locations, and gain visibility into every transaction. Our purpose-built mobile materials management system seamlessly integrates with Oracle Healthcare Cloud. 

Using Mobile can improve:

  • Visibility – Know who is doing what, where all your inventory is located, and what transactions are being done
  • Accuracy – eliminate manual data entry & increase data accuracy (up to 99.9%) with scanning, reduction of on-hand stock
  • Productivity- enforces processes, reduces transaction time, increases worker productivity by 20% or more 

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