RF-SMART is the #1 Brand of Inventory Management for Oracle Cloud SCM Users

For Oracle Cloud SCM, there’s no smarter bet for mobile data collection than RF-SMART. A strategic partner for Oracle Cloud, RF-SMART has worked closely with Oracle Product Strategy and Development to provide a real-time, high performance cloud application that delivers powerful functionality for Oracle Inventory Cloud and Manufacturing Cloud.

RF-SMART is SOC 2 ® and HIPAA compliant, two leading security standards. We maintain a SOC 2 Type 2 environment that has been thoroughly tested through an independent 3rd party for security, availability and confidentiality.  

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Configurable, SCM Cloud-specific functionality

Oracle Cloud Offline

Support for Online and Offline transactions


The first SCM application approved for the Oracle Cloud Marketplace


Leverages Oracle functional security models & is SOC 2 ® & HIPAA compliant


Offers easy sign-on with Oracle login credentials

oracle certifications

Highest number of Oracle Certified Consultants






RF-SMART Oracle Cloud Mobile Solutions

Oracle Cloud Marketplace


Healthcare providers can improve patient satisfaction with RF-SMART by strengthening their PAR and Materials control and improving delivery across their operation.

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Businesses that use Oracle Inventory Cloud can take advantage of powerful mobile inventory management to drive accuracy, productivity and efficiency.

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Track your entire shop floor process in real-time -  from issuing materials, to assembly and completion. Automate and manage your Plant Maintenance activities too.

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