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Oracle Supply Chain Management 

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Designed to seamlessly track inventory in real time.

Transform Your Supply Chain

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150+ Oracle Cloud SCM Customers

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Oracle Supply Chain Management in Warehouses and Supply Chain

What is Oracle Supply Chain Management Software?

RF-SMART’s inventory management solution extends the functionality of Oracle Cloud SCM into the warehouse. 

Built specifically for Oracle Cloud, RF-SMART gives users the ability to perform warehouse management processes straight from a mobile barcode scanner. The scanner sends data directly to Oracle Cloud – enabling visibility anywhere you can access the ERP, directly from your Oracle login credentials.  


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Comprehensive Supply Chain Solution for Oracle Cloud


Supply Chain Management Software

Supply Chain Management Software

Increase your inventory to 99.9% accuracy with real-time visibility into supply chain operations directly from your Oracle login. 

Barcode scanners and label printers and other warehouse hardware

Warehouse Hardware

We offer industry-grade barcode scanners, label printers, and other warehouse devices certified to work with Oracle and RF-SMART. 

Full Service Support for warehouse management systems

Full Service Support

The most responsive and comprehensive global support in the industry for Oracle supply chain management software and hardware.

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Faster ROI with Expedited Time to Value 

Delivering value and dependability quickly is important to establishing your ROI. At RF-SMART we take pride in using dependable, established processes to get our customers live: 

  • 150+ Oracle Cloud Supply Chain customers 
  • More experience with the intricacies of Oracle Cloud than anyone in the industry  
  • Worked with customers in different industries to establish best practices and results for specific operational needs 
  • Proven processes from discovery and implementation to go-live and everyday operations 

Oracle Cloud dashboard for supply chain management

RF-SMART integrated into Oracle Cloud ERP

Real-Time, Seamless Integration with Oracle Cloud SCM

Inventory management designed specifically for your ERP creates a seamless integration.  This means RF-SMART for Oracle Cloud SCM:  

  • Requires no separate login - allows workers to use their Oracle login on the warehouse floor when using a scanner 
  • Is specifically architected to allow real-time integration of barcode scanning processes and capability with Oracle Cloud Supply Chain modules 
  • Was built for Oracle, in collaboration with Oracle Product Strategy Team

Unsurpassed Oracle Cloud SCM Expertise 

We believe Oracle supply chain management is best facilitated by Oracle experts.  

  • Expertise in Inventory Management, Manufacturing, Maintenance and Fixed Assets provides full end-to-end Project Implementation Support
  • RF-SMART Oracle Cloud teams are all Oracle certified
  • Oracle Cloud SCM team members work exclusively with Oracle’s Cloud ERP

Wedge scanner to scan inventory for supply chain management

Honeywell barcode scanner for supply chain management

99.9%+ Inventory Accuracy & 100% Inventory Visibility

Adapting quickly to changing circumstances is crucial.  

  • Establish and maintain 99.9%+ inventory accuracy through functionality built on industry best practices
  • Make informed decisions with mobility solutions that provide real-time inventory visibility and updates
  • RF-SMART mobility solutions provide support for Cycle Count, Physical Inventory and all other inventory and manufacturing based transactions, ensuring system accuracy at all times

Increase Supply Chain Productivity Up to 40% 

The labor market is competitive. Software and hardware systems that can help your existing team do their jobs easier and faster are crucial. 

  • Reduce fulfillment times throughout your warehouse and supply chain 
  • Complete inventory, manufacturing, and maintenance transactions through a mobility platform that provides real-time updates to Oracle Cloud
  • Streamline Supply Chain processes by removing non-value add activity and optimize associate interaction with Oracle Cloud

increase supply chain productivity up to 40%

zebra barcode scanner for supply chain management

Keep Your Data Secure

Security is important.  

  • RF-SMART complies with strict security protocols across our data and operations 
  • SOC 2 Compliant 
  • HIPAA Compliant 
  • Operations and security practices are audited each year by a top-tier, independent auditor 
  • Data for our U.S.-based customers never leaves the U.S.  


Improved Supply Chain Accessibility across Manufacturing, Distribution & Retail 

Industries for the Blind and Visually Impaired needed a supply chain solution that could house all of their transactions from different parts of the business all in one inventory management system. They also needed it to be something accessible enough that their 60%+ of visually impaired employees could use it effectively. That’s why they chose Oracle Cloud for their inventory management and RF-SMART to help them manage their warehouse operations. 





Supply Chain Management
Customers across industries use RF-SMART for Oracle Cloud to manage their inventory operations. 
Transform Your Supply Chain