Oracle SCM Cloud Benefits of using RF-SMART

RF-SMART supports core Oracle Cloud supply chain functionality and adds capabilities to provide robust inventory management for Oracle Inventory and Manufacturing Cloud modules.

Why Customers and Partners are Choosing RF-SMART:


A True Cloud Solution

Built specifically to deliver high performance from the Cloud, RF-SMART leverages Oracle's functional security models, uses Oracle login credentials, uses an Oracle database, and executes transactions using Oracle-provided Web Services - it's hard to tell where Oracle ends and where RF-SMART begins.


Customer Satisfaction

Month-to-month and year-to-year, our customer satisfaction hovers near 100%. This results from leveraging contemporary technology, developing high-quality products and staffing our Help Desk with highly-trained support specialists who can resolve issues during local business hours - anywhere in the world. 



RF-SMART provides a growing array of functions specific to Oracle Inventory and Manufacturing Cloud, as well as an extensive long-term roadmap that ties in with Oracle Cloud releases. Our proven solution improves inventory and order accuracy to 99% and productivity by 20% or more – all while gaining real-time visibility into warehouse and shop floor activities.  

RF-SMART transactions support tasks, descriptive flex fields, and country of origin. Our inventory functionality includes support for Projects. For customers with remote inventory facilities, like an outdoor/remote yard, RF-SMART supports disconnected inventory transactions with an Offline Application.

Using RF-SMART, you can eliminate trips back and forth to the office between every task, error-prone manual data entry and all of the "invisible inefficiencies" inherent in paper-driven warehousing and manufacturing processes. The key benefits with RF-SMART are accuracy, productivity, and visibility into execution activities. 




RF-SMART has been developing ERP-specific mobile data collection solutions since 1982 - not ERP-generic, custom-code toolsets. We have the pleasure of serving more than 1,000 Cloud data collection customers around the world. With 100% of our BAs Oracle Certified, our experienced staff understands Oracle Cloud applications, supply chain processes, mobile technology and how to combine these to achieve world-class results.  This domain expertise and our Cloud experience has made RF-SMART a strategic mobile partner for Oracle Inventory Cloud and Manufacturing Cloud.   

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For over 30 years, FairfieldNodal has developed and manufactured seismic data-acquisition technology, used in multiple industries including oil and gas. Prior to implementing Oracle SCM Cloud, the business was using a hybrid of systems, whilst most of their inventory management processes were paper-based. In an effort to consolidate their operations and gain efficiency, FairfieldNodal implemented RF-SMART alongside Oracle SCM Cloud.

“We knew we had a gap in our supply chain management solution, and the functionality of RF-SMART fills that gap.” After a quick and smooth implementation, the team began using RF-SMART for inventory management in their stock room. Through transactions such as Receiving and Putaway, 

FairfieldNodal scans receipts, distributes them to the appropriate rack and bin, and prints the relevant label – all whilst seamlessly integrating to Oracle SCM Cloud. The simple and intuitive interface has minimized the number of data capture fields, leading to streamlined transaction times.

Errors associated with paper-processes have been eliminated, and workers are more productive as they no longer need to manually enter data into a PC. But the most noticeable benefits have come from cycle counts and inventory accuracy: FairfieldNodal are now counting up to 50% faster, with data being updated in SCM Cloud in real-time; inventory accuracy has pulled up sharp, reaching close to 100%. “We know where stuff is, when and how - all of the time.”

"Before, our processes were paper-based and very manual. RF-SMART makes everything from receiving to manufacturing easier, faster and better.”

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