Mobilize Oracle Cloud Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets are some of the largest and most expensive investments your company makes. Companies using Oracle Financials Cloud can utilize scanning to keep track of their Fixed Assets. A mobile scanning solution can automate the counting process to better track property assets across your organization.

According to Gartner, 30% of organizations do not know what assets they own, where they are located, or who is using them. Maintaining accuracy of your fixed assets is imperative for your accounting and finance team’s objectives. K
eeping track of your Fixed Assets manually with pen/paper or spreadsheets can be a time-consuming, slow and often inaccurate process.

RF-SMART Fixed Assets

RF-SMART's Mobile Fixed Assets is an easy-to-use mobile application built for validating and counting fixed assets in a location. Purpose-built for Oracle Financials Cloud, our mobile Fixed Assets module allows you to create asset inventories by location, assign counts to users and streamline the asset counting process. 

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Key Benefits include:

  • Faster than manual processes
  • More accurate than paper-based counts
  • Works both on and offline, eliminating worries about Wi-Fi coverage
  • Accessible from the mobile device
  • Eliminates Ghost Assets from Oracle Financials Cloud

How Does Mobile Fixed Assets Work with Oracle Financials Cloud?

Automating your Fixed Assets processes can speed up counting, and eliminate data entry errors workers face when trying to count and keep track of assets manually.

Your user logs in to the RF-SMART mobile app on a handheld device and downloads the available Physical Asset Inventory Count. They will know exactly where to go and what items to count. Once completed, you can review and approve the asset count in Oracle.

You can write off assets that are not located or you can transfer an asset if it is scanned in another location.



  • Create an inventory (asset count) for a location
  • Assign an inventory to a user
  • Verify assets via scanning asset tags
  • Users can enter any asset whether expected or not
  • Managers can view counted, missing and found assets. They can also update an asset location if found in a different location
  • Once submitted, final approvals are performed in Oracle

Easily Manage Your Fixed Assets with our Asset Dashboard

Use the Fixed Assets Dashboard to easily see all counted, missing and found assets. Download a report to review and see the cost. Using RF-SMART's Fixed Assets for Oracle Financials Cloud provides the visibility your accounting team needs with the productivity and accuracy boost mobile provides.

Fixed Assets Dashboard


Offline icon-black Work Offline

Worried about WI-FI coverage? Counts can be performed offline and then automatically uploaded once completed and the device is back in range. RF-SMART is pre-integrated to Oracle Cloud Applications, so you can rest assured that your mobile data is reflected in Oracle Cloud. 

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