Mobile Execution for Oracle Cloud Manufacturing

Cloud manufacturing is made easy with RF-SMART, which leverages barcodes and Oracle Cloud-specific functions to dramatically improve inventory accuracy and productivity across your shop floor operations.


Can You Relate to These Industry Needs?

  • Do you manufacture or assemble goods and need to track them?
  • Do you use work centers and routings to capture resource usage during production? 
  • Do you need real-time visibility into your manufacturing operations?
  • Do you want to increase productivity while improving accuracy?

Flexible Work Order Functionality 

In addition to our Oracle Cloud-specific inventory functionality, RF-SMART extends the power of cloud manufacturing to the user. Our Manufacturing functions allow Process and Discrete Manufacturers to update and track your shop floor activities in real-time in Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cloud.

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Functions include:

  • Administrative Console
  • Charge Resource
  • Co & By-products
  • Issue Materials
  • Orderless Completion
  • Process Rejects


  • Plant Maintenance - WO Create & Execution
  • Quick Complete
  • Report Quantities - Completion, Reject, Scrap
  • Reverse to Ready
  • WIP Staging





Meet Your High-Growth Demands like albelli-Photobox

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Photo-print e-retailer and manufacturer, albelli-Photobox, needed a mobile barcoding solution that would not only keep up with forecasted demand, but provide the inventory visibility in a user-friendly solution.

By Oracle Cloud’s recommendation, albelli-Photobox was introduced to RF-SMART. Given the limitations of their prior solution, the company understood that mobile barcoding was virtually useless if it wasn’t easy for the end-user to learn and operate.

After implementing RF-SMART, albelli-Photobox was able to achieve real-time inventory tracking in Oracle Cloud, 24-7. In addition, the team was able to increase productivity, as RF-SMART’s solution requires ⅓ of the training time as their previous solution and better visibility into shop floor operations.

As albelli-Photobox continues to deliver on its growth strategy, RF-SMART is quickly rolled out at each new location and the company continues to identify new opportunities to optimize its manufacturing operations.

“RF-SMART has simplified the entire transactional process for our workers on the shop floor."

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