Quality Inspection Solution for Oracle Cloud

RF-SMART’s Quality Inspection Solution for Oracle Cloud allows users to utilize their mobile handheld scanners to complete inspections from anywhere.

What is RF-SMART's Quality Inspection Solution?

Our mobile Quality Inspection Solution works in tandem with Oracle’s inherent Quality Management Module, providing users with the easiest access to complete inspections as part of their manufacturing, maintenance, or receiving process.

This function is designed to help companies efficiently assess the quality of their finished goods and/or raw materials, eliminating the disruption of having to perform inspections from a desktop. 

Quality UI image-2-1

How Quality Inspection Works

Depending on the customer use case, complete the inspection process as part of the Manufacturing, Maintenance, or Receiving Workflow:

The Icon MegaDeck_Usability OC
1. Enter a Manufacturing Work Order, Maintenance Work Order or Purchase Order Number.
The Icon MegaDeck_Bundles-Modules OC
2. Input quantity to be completed for the operation 
The Icon MegaDeck_Status-Alert OC
3. User is prompted on the handheld to evaluate samples against a set of inspection characteristics defined by an inspection plan at the item or item category level in Oracle 
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4. Capture notes and attachments as needed
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5. Inspection will be accepted or rejected in real-time based on your Oracle configuration
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6. All data is sent automatically back to Oracle 

Quality Inspection is a Must-Have If...

  • You operate in a Manufacturing or Distribution facility.
  • Your inventory needs consistent quality control at various steps of production. 
  • You want to be able to inspect products without going back and forth to a desktop computer. 
  • You need a solution that supports 100% Inspection, Fixed and Percentage based sampling.