Cloud based Inventory Management for Public Sector, Utilities & Municipalities

Technology is critical to streamlining processes, maintaining tight budgetary control, and meeting other unique requirements for Public Sector, Utilities & Municipalities. Enhancing your capabilities with a mobile inventory solution for Oracle SCM cloud can help you keep up with modern times and achieve better visibility and improve productivity, all while reducing labor costs.

For more than 40 years, Oracle has helped public sector organizations around the world securely manage data, solve business challenges, and connect citizens and employees. Inventory management in the public sector has been a long-standing concern as different types of inventory make up a substantial portion of the industry's assets and budgets. While transitioning to any new solution in this space is often hindered by budget, compliance & security requirements, complex on-premise migration plans, and agreement across multiple departments/stakeholders, mobile inventory management is essential for accountability for public resources, transparency in making choices that affect accurate and efficient supply chain execution, and can enhance the ROI of your Oracle Cloud investment by 30-50%.

Cloud Inventory Management Tool for Public Sector

Why mobile technology is critical

There are many benefits to cloud based mobile inventory management technology, including the flexibility to scale with growth, lower infrastructure costs, decrease operation overhead, and drive innovation across your business. Future-proofing your infrastructure, increasing worker productivity, and saving valuable time and money are necessary for public sector industries in their transition to Cloud-based solutions. Whether you are a City or Municipality keeping implementing public policy, a DoT keeping roads and infrastructure updated, or a Utility company delivering resources to the public, you can benefit from enabling mobility in your workforce. 

Five areas where public sector organizations can realize great benefits from mobility are:

Public Sector, Utilities & Municipalities' inventory shortages (due to a lack of visibility) undermine service delivery, while excess inventory can lead to increased costs that drain agency budgets. Simplifying the supply chain using barcodes and scanning allows you to count, maintain, and procure straight from the field - operating more efficiently and with increased visibility and control over your inventory. RF-SMART's base inventory features use supply chain best practices to automate processes like the receipt and transfer of goods to final destinations, label printing and cycle counting to make sure inventory is managed at optimum levels. Built by partnering with Oracle Product Strategy, the easy-to-use UI means users have a hard time telling where Oracle ends and RF-SMART begins. 

Mobile support for Project Driven Supply Chain

For companies that use Oracle Inventory Cloud with an Org that has been Projects-enabled​, RF-SMART's mobile solution makes it easy for workers to track Inventory by project/task in Oracle. Supported functionality includes: receiving, tracking, store, issue and locate inventory by project and task. Public Section, Municipalities and Utilities can use this functionality to keep track of inventory used at job sites and bill correctly to the associated project for accurate budgeting. 

Mobile Maintenance work order creation & execution 

One of the largest controllable costs is in preventative and timely maintenance operations. Public Sector, Utilities and Municipalities have a variety of needs for Maintenance to keep their operations running. Whether you need to keep track of inventory like spare parts for equipment, or you need to keep the air conditioning, plumbing and more running at City Hall, by putting mobile scanners in the hands of your Maintenance Technicians, they can create work orders on the fly and execute on both planned and unplanned work orders right where they are. RF-SMART allows for the automation of maintenance tasks, ensures timely work completion, and improves visibility into open and closed Work Orders. 

Think beyond Supply Chain Inventory Management

To effectively manage your inventory, you will also want to leverage tools to further automate your operations:

Manage & count Fixed Assets in Oracle Financials Cloud

Maintaining accuracy of your fixed financial assets in Oracle Financials Cloud is imperative for your accounting and finance team’s objectives and budgets. The typical way of managing assets manually with pen/paper or spreadsheets can be a slow, time-consuming, and often inaccurate process. Public Sector companies are asset heavy, and these assets can be spread out over many locations. A mobile solution provides the inventory visibility your accounting team needs with the productivity and accuracy boost mobility provides. Counts can be performed offline and then automatically uploaded to Oracle once completed and the device is back in range to keep your operations moving.

Simplify the ordering process with Mobile Requisitioning

Since inventory locations can be in a variety of locations and spread out throughout the service area, Public sector, Utilities, and Municipalities typically need a smooth procurement process. If your inventory is captured with pen and paper and the requisition is manually entered directly in Oracle, this is the perfect use case for mobility. Using a mobile device, RF-SMART’s Mobile Requisitioning gives you the ability to scan items for reorder in a streamlined workflow to create a requisition in Oracle Cloud in seconds, from wherever you are. 

Department of Transportation Mobile Success 

A state Department of Transportation is responsible for the planning, design, construction, and operations and maintenance pf projects across all travel modes. To complete their duties, they must allocate resources from various Federal-aid programs to specific projects to support the state's economy and enhance the public's quality of life. 


This state DoT realized it needed an integrated software system for the entire entity to improve efficiency, reduce "siloed systems," and become the single source of record. The need for an inventory scanning solution was uncovered with the goal for inventory to be scanned when received and pulled for a task. They decided to move forward with Oracle Cloud and RF-SMART. 


Needing inventory tracking to maintain inventory accuracy, and wanting to eliminate manual processes, this DoT put mobile scanners in their employees hands for strategic processes like receiving via transfer and purchase orders, in the manufacturing process at the Sign shop, and issuing inventory during picking and ship confirms.

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