Learn more about integrating RF-SMART with Oracle Cloud SCM

Oracle Cloud Customer Success: IB Milwaukee

60 min Webcast

Listen now to RF-SMART and IBVI Milwaukee as we share the success that IBVI has found using Oracle SCM Cloud. Learn how they were able to reduce their physical inventory counts from 3 days to 1 day by implementing mobile.

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Oracle Cloud Customer Success: Titan International

44 Minute Webcast

Hear directly from Titan International on how they improved inventory accuracy while also achieving a 20% increase in labor productivity using RF-SMART and Oracle SCM Cloud.

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Automation

29 Minute Webcast

Learn how automated data collection allows you to:

  • Implement Industry Regulations
  • Empower your Warehouse Team
  • Create Reliable Information
  • Reduce Touch Points
  • Capture Metrics

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Choosing Your Operating System Wisely

29 Minute Webcast

Are you getting ready to purchase or upgrade devices for your warehouse operations? In this recording, we will go over the current trends and manufacturing roadmaps to consider so you can make the most of your hardware investment.

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5 Lessons Learned Moving Your Supply Chain to the Cloud

32 Minute Webcast

In this recording, Brian discusses the best advice and lessons learned from implementing Cloud customer projects. Check out these top 5 lessons learned so you can have a successful migration too. 

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PAR Management for Healthcare Oracle SCM Cloud Customers

55 Minute Webcast

Explore how Oracle Cloud Supply Chain and RF-SMART have delivered operational success to Oracle healthcare customers.

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