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Healthcare Supply Chain Management Software for Oracle Cloud SCM

500+ Oracle SCM Healthcare Facilities

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What is Healthcare Supply Chain Management Software?  

Healthcare supply chain management software transforms the inventory accuracy and processes of healthcare materials management with software and automation. This ensures medical products and supplies are available for nurses and clinicians when they need them, where they need them.   

RF-SMART provides an all-in-one software and hardware solution for healthcare supply chain management for Oracle SCM Cloud. RF-SMART is designed and built only for Oracle Cloud’s ERP to improve the supply chain and achieve 100% interoperability. 

  • 99.9%+ Inventory Accuracy 
  • 40% Productivity Gains Across Operations 
  • HIPAA & SOC II Compliant 
  • Real-Time Inventory Visibility in Oracle  


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Why is a Faster & More Accurate Healthcare Supply Chain Management Important? 

Effective materials management:

  • Improves patient care and outcomes.

  • Increases the bottom line.

  • Helps to avoid costly litigation from supply chain issues interfering with proper care. 

We help healthcare organizations that face these challenges:

  • PAR Location Management capabilities are not flexible or robust enough to meet operational needs.
  • They lack real-time visibility into materials management operations. 
  • Locations struggle with PAR level inventory accuracy in stockrooms .
  • They have room to reduce costs and improve efficiencies across hospital materials management.

Seamless & Reliable Core Healthcare Functionality 


healthcare materials management for healthcare organizations on Oracle

Healthcare Materials Management

RF-SMART provides end-to-end healthcare supply chain execution with real-time visibility into product location, quantities, movement and the related employee activities associated with them. 

PAR Location Management for Hospitals and Medical Locations

PAR Location Management

Periodic Automatic Replenishment (PAR) functionality automates data collection and orders items on an as-needed basis to ensure nurses and clinicians have the supplies they need, when they need them.

Delivery Solutions for Hospitals and healthcare providers

Delivery Solutions

RF-SMART enables confirmation of deliveries in Oracle and material tracking at every step - from the central receiving dock to their final destination. This provides various options for image capture, delivery confirmation, etc. as needed.

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Why Use RF-SMART for Oracle Supply Chain Management?


100% Interoperability with Oracle Cloud for healthcare

100% Interoperability with Oracle Cloud

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Oracle cloud healthcare inventory expertise

Unsurpassed Oracle Cloud Healthcare Inventory Expertise

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Worry-free Oracle Cloud SCM quarterly updates

Worry-Free Quarterly Oracle Cloud SCM Updates 

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100% Interoperability with Oracle Cloud 

We believe inventory management should be designed specifically for the ERP to create seamless integration in real-time.   

  • The only healthcare-specific inventory solution in the marketplace designed and architected specifically for the Oracle Cloud ERP platform. 
  • No separate database for inventory  - keep Oracle Cloud as your one source of truth.
  • No communication delays and inventory discrepancies between systems – Oracle is the system. 


Healthcare supply chain software workflow on Honeywell barcode scanner

Unsurpassed Oracle Cloud Healthcare Inventory Expertise

Oracle inventory management is best implemented and supported by Oracle experts.   

  • Leverage the knowledge from our global implementations to provide pre-configured functionality that adheres to healthcare best practices. 
  • The only company where our core Oracle Cloud SCM team works exclusively with Oracle’s ERP.  
  • All implementation and support staff are Oracle Cloud certified.

Worry-Free Quarterly Oracle Cloud SCM Updates  

  • Strategic partner for Oracle.  
  • RF-SMART does regression testing on Oracle's quarterly updates before they are officially released.  
  • Eliminates need for internal IT team to do testing before updates.  


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Transform Your Supply Chain

Comprehensive Supply Chain Solution for Oracle Cloud


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Healthcare Supply Chain Management Software
RF-SMART helps increase inventory accuracy to 99.9%+ across health systems and enable real-time visibility into warehouse operations straight from your Oracle login.  
Mobile Devices-1
Warehouse & Materials Management Hardware
We offer industry-grade healthcare certified barcode scanners, label printers, and other warehouse devices guaranteed to make your healthcare operations more efficient with real-time, seamless, built-for-Oracle integration. 
Full-Service Software &
Hardware Support
The best 24/7 comprehensive support in the industry. This global service includes Oracle healthcare supply chain management software and hardware, with white glove service available.   


Bringing Together 50+ Locations & 4 Different Location Types with Oracle & RF-SMART  

CentraCare provides care across 8 hospitals, 30 clinics, 11 senior housing facilities, and 8 long-term care facilities. They have one set of leadership for their supply chain across all locations that tracks their different branches: informatics, procurement, contracting and value analysis, and logistics.   

CentraCare utilizes their Oracle Cloud to keep their data all in one place digitally and RF-SMART to keep track of where there inventory is at throughout their 50+ locations in real-time. They use PAR inventory functionality for their materials management and other healthcare specific functions for their supply chain. This ensures they can keep their medical staff supplied with the equipment they need, before they need it.  





Supply Chain Management
Customers across industries use RF-SMART for Oracle Cloud to manage their inventory operations. 
Transform Your Supply Chain