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WMS ROI Calculator

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RF-SMART's Built-in-NetSuite solution for WMS has been proven to deliver rapid, measurable ROI for businesses in the form of greater productivity, inventory accuracy and efficiency. Use the calculators below to find out how much your business could save by using RF-SMART as your one source of truth for inventory management:

Numbers below represent industry averages. Adjust with your specific values to see potential savings.

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4 Operational Areas You Can Gain ROI From Warehouse Management

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Picking is a core activity that significantly impacts the overall productivity of your warehouse. Through real-time inventory data and it's user-friendly UI, RF-SMART streamlines and simplifies the picking process so that each pick is achieved as quickly as possible without errors.

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Inefficient or inaccurate inventory counts can impact purchasing, production, sales and finance, so getting them right is vital. RF-SMART supports wall-to-wall inventory counts and also provides a variety of cycle counting options compatible with NetSuite.

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By automating data collection at the point of receiving inventory, you can eliminate costs associated with manual data entry and inaccuracy. Scan POs, assign putaway locations and create receipts in minutes with RF-SMART.

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Mobile manufacturing enables NetSuite customers to gain accuracy and efficiency across their production processes too. Capture batch, lot and serial numbers for full inventory visibility, and leverage powerful reporting and tracking tools to truly understand your operations.


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Customer Experience

Despite a great sales pitch from their original vendor, Jo Kell fell into a never-ending implementation. “It dragged on and there was no end in sight. We also noticed many small details that were not as expected. Even though we had already invested so much in the project, we realized we were wasting our time” – John Kelly, Business Process Manager

With a native NetSuite solution being the top criteria, they opted to go with RF-SMART instead. “We uninstalled what was in place from the other system, and within a week, we were fully up and running with RF-SMART."