NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturers using bins or advanced bins can take full advantage of powerful barcoding & NetSuite WMS functionality for Shop Floor Operations.

Can You Relate To These Industry Needs?

  • Do you manufacture or assemble goods and need to track them?
  • Do you use bins and need real-time visibility into your advanced manufacturing operations?
  • Do you use work centers and routings to capture labor during production? 
  • Do you want to increase productivity while improving accuracy?

If you're looking to 
automate paper processes on your shop floor, RF-SMART can help. Our mobile Work Order Issue Component function, for example, prompts workers to pick all necessary items needed to assemble their order. By simply scanning the work order, your worker is guided in the most efficient path through the warehouse. 

RF-SMART Advanced Manufacturing Mobile Solution

By electronically collecting, validating and entering data into NetSuite—and by directing employees to perform their tasks—RF-SMART enables NetSuite advanced manufacturing customers to accurately accomplish more with fewer resources. 

With RF-SMART's Manufacturing  Execution with WMS solution, you will gain real-time visibility into your advanced manufacturing operations, including the ability to track assembled and manufactured goods. This level of control is proven to improve inventory accuracy, productivity and efficiency.

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Our Manufacturing Execution with WMS package offers the functionality you need to optimize performance:

In addition, manufacturers receive the following mobile WMS functionality:

All functions listed also support and enhance Inventory Status, multi-language, and barcode parsing.



Scale your Shop Floor Operations like Kateeva 

Kateeva is a rapidly expanding startup with complex needs. The OEM equipment manufacturer requires large sets of information to create their products through its inkjet printers. The right solution needed to be able to handle the load and expand from there.

For Kateeva, life was weighed down with manual processes. Inventory management was siloed from accounting, which meant the company was unable to have a a solid handle on inventory status. “We lacked a tight control over the movement of our inventory, so it was impossible to know what we had."

Since implementing RF-SMART’s Manufacturing with WMS functionality, the growing company has transformed its results. It has closed its inventory gap, achieving 99.7% inventory accuracy!

For a company that requires frequent inventory changes to keep up with industry trends, RF-SMART provides Kateeva with the efficiency and scalability that it requires to continue on its mission to move at the speed of innovation.

“Our volume is going up significantly, and RF-SMART scales with our growth. The flexibility and ease of use of RF-SMART is something we rely on daily.”

Read how Kateeva replaced their manual processes with RF-SMART to handle their growing word order load.

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