NetSuite Automation for ASRS

Companies looking to invest in ASRS automation to increase efficiency and decrease labor costs can easily automate the integration to NetSuite with RF-SMART Automation.

What is RF-SMART Automation for NetSuite? 

RF-SMART’s Automation Module leverages our Built-for-NetSuite solution to provide real-time communication between your ASRS and NetSuite. With RF-SMART Automation, pick demands are sent to your ASRS, resulting in material movements and inventory changes updated directly in NetSuite. 

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems come in many forms, including: 

  • Vertical Lift Modules (VLM)
  • Vertical Carousels
  • Horizontal Carousels
  • Robotic Shuttle Systems
  • Robotic Cube Storage
  • Vertical Buffer Modules
  • Picking Cranes
  • Unit Load AS/RS

How it Works 

RF-SMART Automation connects your ASRS to NetSuite, sending orders to your ASRS for picking and updating NetSuite of the resulting pick activity. Notifications and Exception Handling are built-in administrative tools to monitor the integration and update managers/administrators when necessary.  

RF-SMART Automation doesn’t stop with Sales Order Activity. Many other business processes can also be supported when integrating an ASRS into NetSuite. This can include: Work Order Picks, Manual Picks, Put Aways, Replenishments, ASRS Counts, and NetSuite Counts.

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Increase Efficiency in Your Picking Process

By adopting ASRS automation in their warehouse, FYidoctors was able to operate with fewer staff, driving cost down to competitive levels.

RF-SMART Automation helped FYidoctors make their replenishments an efficient process, doing away with handwritten lists for bins and the picking delays. With RF-SMART, FYidoctors is now completely paperless in all picking tasks.

To streamline their entire picking process, they not only capitalized on the vertical space in their warehouse and a better utilization of floor space, but adopted RF-SMART’s Pick Planner.

“Utilizing Saved Searches for each plan makes it really easy for our Team Leads to run plans throughout the day. It just takes a few clicks.”

“RF-SMART automation supports all our warehousing functions. By providing seamless integration between our VLMs and NetSuite, we are able to see the updates in real-time. 

Read how RF-SMART created customized solutions to speed up their picking by over 50% and reduce their floor space by 66%.

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