RF-SMART Automation for Mobile Dimensioning

Are you looking to improve your item dimensioning processes to achieve accurate, timely item master data?

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What is RF-SMART's Mobile Dimensioning System for NetSuite? 

RF-SMART’s mobile dimensioning system leverages our Built-for-NetSuite integration to provide real-time communication between your mobile dimensioner and NetSuite. With this RF-SMART Automation function, dimension and weight updates are sent directly to NetSuite, eliminating the need for manual or batch updates.
Companies leverage accurate dimensions and weights for:
  • Shipping Cost Calculations 
  • Capacity Planning 
  • Carton Recommendations 
  • Directed Putaway or Slotting 
  • Conveyor & Automation Planning
  • Shipping Automation
  • Auto-Selection of Picking Tote Sizes

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  • Real time updates of Dimensions (Length, Width, Height)
  • Weight (when connected to a bluetooth scale)
  • Image
  • Support for Item and Case
  • Unit of Measure conversion
  • Item Attribute Capture

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How it Works 

Automation is the integration bridge between your mobile dimensioning device and NetSuite. When warehouse staff scan an item with the handheld terminal, RF-SMART’s Automation Module passes that information to your NetSuite environment.

With RF-SMART’s Automation for Mobile Dimensioning, you can efficiently and accurately determine dimensions and update data in NetSuite in real time. Supported devices include QBOID M2 and Zebra TC53/TC58.

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Our Automation for Mobile Dimensioning is a Must Have if...

Check Box You need to capture item weights and dimensions into NetSuite.

Check Box You need to capture an item image in NetSuite.

Check Box You need to periodically update item weights and dimensions due to packaging changes

“With RF-SMART's Automation for Mobile Dimensioning, I was able to process and capture weight and dimensions for more than one item per minute, which is amazing!”

Learn how we can support your business processes.

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