Shipping ROI Calculator

Need a fast, configurable, easy-to-use shipping solution for NetSuite? Use the calculators below to find out how much your business could save by using RF-SMART Shipping.
Numbers below represent industry averages. Adjust with your specific values to see potential savings.

Shipping Rate Savings Calculator

With it's automated rate shopping feature, RF-SMART Shipping helps you meet customer demand with the best rate, elimintaing the need for carrier rate reviews. 


Shipping Accuracy Savings Calculator

RF-SMART Shipping's rules engine provides guided parameters to keep your fulfillment process running smoothly, with the highest level of shipment accuracy.  


*Calculators represent estimated savings. To find out savings potential for your specific business case, please contact us for a customized consultation.

4 Areas You Can Gain ROI From RF-SMART Shipping


Faster Processes

Designed with ease of use and configurability in mind, RF-SMART Shipping utilizes automation for optimal performance. In a matter of seconds, just scan a sales order or tote, use a calculated weight or a quick scan to weigh the shipment, scan the barcode to select the box size, and print the label! 


Reduced Shipping Costs

The automated rate shopping feature ensures each package has the best ship method based on when each carrier estimates the package will be delivered to the chosen destination. Customers like Slate Rock FR have seen significant savings - as much as $4,000 a week saved in shipping costs.


Streamlined Decision Making

The no-code rules engine automates even the trickiest business decisions by setting customized rules that get packages out on time at the lowest rate. By configuring shipping preferences, decision making is taken out of the shipper's hands entirely, creating an error-proof shipping process.


More Visibility

RF-SMART Shipping offers a key KPI dashboard with metrics that can help make better business decisions. Some key metrics included are: shipments per carrier service, carrier speed, shipments by user, average shipment cost, and more.






When Slate Rock FR started looking to replace their previous shipping solution, they needed to address the most frequent shipping challenges: slow processing times, high costs, and inflexible configurability options.

Lowering shipping costs was a huge motivator for the Slate Rock FR team as they evaluated shipping solutions. Through the RF-SMART Shipping Rate Shopping feature, they were able to reduce their label costs by $4,000 a week on shipping alone. This means an annual saving of $208,000 now being funneled to hire and give bonuses to team members.

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