Easily Develop Paperless Warehouse Picking Strategies in NetSuite

Automate Picking & Work Tasks on the Fly with RF-SMART's Picking Strategy Tools

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RF-SMART’s Picking Strategy Tools, combined with our picking workflows, reduce the reliance on paper by creating the electronic assignment of sales orders and then directing workers through the warehouse through the mobile application.

By setting up a single Pick Plan in NetSuite, multiple tasks are sent to the mobile devices instantly and take your workers on the most efficient route through the warehouse.

  • Are you looking to increase efficiency in how orders are organized, prioritized, and assigned to warehouse teams?

  • Do you need to speed up fulfillment productivity while reducing labor cost?

  • Do you have multiple order types that require different picking methods?

Easily Manage Day-to-Day Picking Task Assignments with Pick Manager

RF-SMART's Pick Manager is a way to easily manage daily picking tasks in NetSuite. Managers are able to find and group orders together and then apply common configurable picking strategies (like multi-order or tote picking) for orders.

Using Pick Manager allows for day-to-day control to make adjustments for any given day. The user-friendly UI allows you to easily prioritize and assign work to specific users or groups of employees, giving you a paperless start process and drive efficiency in the warehouse. 

 Pick Manager allows you to:

  • Group Orders for Fulfillment Activities
  • Prioritize Orders for Pick/Pack/Ship
  • Electronically assign orders to individuals and/or teams for picking
  • Preview the pick plan and then release orders to the warehouse

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Automate Your Picking Processes & Work Assignments with Pick Planner

RF-SMART’s Pick Planner is for companies looking to automate the entire pick plan process using advanced picking scenarios (like Zone Picking, Wave Picking, or Pick by Unit of Measure, UOM). Managers create pick plans and then either execute or schedule that plan to run at a specific time.

One pick plan creates one or more picking tasks, and users pick the orders using RF-SMART mobile picking functions. Once complete, the tasks are updated in real-time to NetSuite, and an item fulfillment is created for the task or order.

 Pick Planner allows you to:

  • Automate the setup and execution of different picking strategies and order profiles.
  • Schedule and Create Tasks that are released at certain times
  • Split orders across multiple tasks, or pick by UOM, License Plates, or work order.

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NetSuite idea3 Rules For Optimized Picking

60% of a typical warehouse worker’s cost is spent on the picking process. Improving this piece of your inventory management strategy can impact your entire business. 

Rule #1 - Have the right item in the correct warehouse bin
It sounds simple enough, but a huge amount of resource is wasted on pickers not being able to find the item(s) they need. Protect your productivity by ensuring item putaways and bin replenishments are done promptly and accurately.

Rule #2 – Reduce the distance pickers needs to travel
Optimizing your warehouse layout so that pickers can travel the shortest possible distance is another smart way to gain efficiency.

Rule #3 – Optimize pick paths to match your order profile
How does your customer submit orders? Whether it’s eCommerce, a small retail store or a large business, each will have a different order profile – and will require different picking methods.

RF-SMART Pick Manager and Pick Planner can help you with this. Plan picking tasks by the relevant criteria, including multi-order picking by tote, zone picking, wave picking or pick by unit of measurement.




Mack’s Prairie Wings Gains Inventory Control

US-based retailer Mack’s Prairie Wings manages over 104,000 square feet of warehouse space for their hunting supplies business. Having outgrown their existing solution, they turned to RF-SMART's NetSuite WMS to gain efficiencies in picking, receiving, label printing and more.

With over 60,000 SKU’s and a very diverse product mix, it’s safe to say that not every pick is the same for Mack’s. RF-SMART’s Pick Planner dynamically assigns the most effective pick method for each order,

allowing them to zone by bins and task lines. In turn, orders are shipped faster and more efficiently than before – saving them $60k in labour costs in just one year.

What’s more, Pick Planner also help them to remain compliant when managing heavily regulated items. By assigning these orders to certain pickers and processes, they are given the extra picking, packing and labelling attention they need.

“RF-SMART's Pick Planner accommodates the fast moving items and gets the high volume items picked, packed and shipped more quickly. Our overtime and labor hours are significantly less than the previous year. We saved around $60K in labor last year. This positively impacts our efficiency and quality, which in turn, improves our customer service.”

Read why Mack's Prairie Wings thinks RF-SMART is "hands down the best WMS solution for NetSuite."

Transition to Paperless Picking Tasks in NetSuite

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