License Plating for NetSuite

Quickly and Easily Move Pallets of Product with License Plating for NetSuite

Are you looking to easily move pallets or cages of products through the warehouse?

Do you need to comply with labeling requests or have tracking and traceability requirements?


A License Plate (LP) allows you to uniquely identify a box/pallet/container/tote in NetSuite. The License Plate knows its contents (item, lot, quantity) and its location. When doing shop floor and warehouse transactions, NetSuite will know the License Plate and you won’t need to specify other pieces of data about the transactions, like item, lot, quantity or from location.


How does it work?

RF-SMART’s License Plating is an application built within NetSuite, allowing quick and easy movement of pallets around the warehouse from receiving and manufacturing all the way through shipping.


Current Support for License Plates includes:

  • Purchase Order Receiving 
  • Build, Add, and Break down License Plates
  • Remove, Transfer, Split, Nest & Combine
  • Inquiry
  • Print and Reprint
  • Bin Transfer & Putaway
  • Directed Putaway

Do you want to use License Plates without implementing a full WMS?

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