License Plating for NetSuite

Quickly and Easily Move Pallets of Product with License Plating for NetSuite

  • Are you looking to easily move pallets or cages of products through the warehouse?
  • Do you need to comply with labeling requests or have tracking and traceability requirements?

License Plates can help.

A License Plate allows you to uniquely identify a box/pallet/container/tote in NetSuite. The License Plate knows its contents (item, lot, quantity) and its location. When doing shop floor and warehouse transactions, NetSuite will know the License Plate, and you won’t need to specify other pieces of data about the transactions, like item, lot, quantity or from location.

RF-SMART's Licensing Plating module supports both Inbound and Outbound license plates.

License Plating for NetSuite Pallets

How does it work on Mobile?  

RF-SMART’s License Plating functions are built within NetSuite, allowing quick and easy movement of pallets on your mobile device - from receiving and manufacturing all the way through shipping. 


License Plating_Screenshot

Current Support for License Plates includes:

  • Purchase Order Receiving 
  • Transfer Order Receiving
  • Build, Add, and Break down License Plates
  • Remove, Transfer, Split, Nest & Combine Items
  • Inquiry
  • Print and Reprint
  • Bin Transfer & Putaway
  • Directed Putaway
  • Sales Order Picking
  • Transfer Order Picking
  • Inventory Transfer

When Should You Consider License Plates?

You don’t want to implement a full NetSuite WMS: In the case where your warehouse operations don’t require a comprehensive Warehouse Management System, but you still need to have real-time accurate visibility of fast-moving stock, you should consider License Plating.

You have lot and serial items: If the nature of your inventory means you have to use lot or serial numbers on your product packaging, License Plating is a great way to capture and track this information when your stock is on the move. This may be a common concern for businesses that handle food and beverage items or electrical goods.

Your products are moved frequently using full pallets: The more times you interact with a product or pallet in the warehouse, the more likely it is for errors to occur – either by misplacement or incorrect data entry. With RF-SMART License Plating, you can scan and track each pallet at every touchpoint – meaning there is an accurate record of it’s location, contents and status in NetSuite at all times.

PLUS: It's easier to stay compliant with your industry's labeling regulations.

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