Benefits of RF-SMART for Oracle NetSuite

RF-SMART supports Oracle NetSuite’s key functionality and adds features to effectively fill the gap between a simple RF system and a complex, often overkill WMS.

Why Customers and Partners are Choosing RF-SMART:



RF-SMART has been developing ERP-specific (not one-flavor-fits-all) mobile solutions since 1982. We have the pleasure of serving more than 1,000 Warehouse/Distribution and Manufacturing customers in more than 30 countries around the world. Our experienced staff understands supply chain processes, mobile technology and how to marry the two to achieve world-class results.


Customer Satisfaction

Month-to-month and year-to-year, our customer satisfaction hovers near 100%. This results from leveraging great technology, developing high-quality products and staffing our help desk with dedicated support specialists who can resolve issues during local business hours – anywhere in the world.



RF-SMART provides a growing array of functions to support the movement, management, manufacture and fulfillment of inventory – in real-time, across your entire business. This includes advanced functionality that extends the power of NetSuite, like Cycle Counting, Pick Planner, and Pack Station.


Built Directly into the NetSuite ERP

As a native NetSuite application, you get the reliability, availability and performance of the cloud ERP in a world-class mobile data collection solution – without having to take-on or manage any additional technologies. This means you can utilize NetSuite's advanced bins, bin management, or no bins - whatever is best for your operation.

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Experience the tangible benefits of

Located in Australia, USA Foods is an online retailer that brings American-made food to Australian consumers. Prior to implementing Oracle NetSuite and RF-SMART, the business’ operations were entirely manual and paper-based. The subsequent inefficiencies and inaccuracies led USA Foods management to seek out a reliable mobile inventory management solution.

RF-SMART’s seamless integration into NetSuite enabled the business to smoothly transition from manual processes to real-time visibility of all warehouse activity within 2 months – and the benefits were noticeable instantly.

RF-SMART’s Bin Putaway function eliminated incorrect item location errors, meaning warehouse workers no longer had to guess where inventory might be. The system’s intuitive UI meant training was simple, and staff could adopt the handheld scanners very quickly.

Productivity has boosted thanks to RF-SMART’s Pick Multiple Order function; USA Foods are now picking twice the number of orders in the same amount of time – plus, their picking accuracy now sits at 99.9%. Their overall productivity has increased by 30%, saving them time and money.

"Going with RF-SMART has been the best decision our business has made since taking on NetSuite. If you're thinking of choosing NetSuite or already are using it, RF-SMART brings another level of functionality, speed and accuracy to your inventory. It is essentially a must have; we couldn't see ourselves now without it."

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