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Why NetSuite Customers Choose RF-SMART

RF-SMART supports NetSuite's key functionality and adds inventory management features that keep all product data accurate and visible in the system of record.



Benefits for Customers and Partners Who Choose RF-SMART 


NetSuite ERP and WMS Experience



  • Developing ERP-specific (not one-flavor-fits all) WMS solutions since 1982
  • Serve over 2,000 NetSuite Warehouse/Distribution and Manufacturing customers in 30+ countries
  • Experienced staff that understands supply chain and inventory management to achieve world-class results

Customer Satisfaction - RF-SMART for NetSuite


Customer Satisfaction

  • Customer satisfaction at 99% from month to month and year to year.
  • The combination of great technology and  high-quality products and personnel that are dedicated to our customers is what enables us to keep satisfaction levels high.
  • Our help desk has dedicated support specialists who can resolve issues during local business hours – anywhere in the world.

Functionality of RF-SMART WMS



  • RF-SMART provides a growing array of functions to support the movement, management, manufacture and fulfillment of inventory.
  • Functions happen in real-time, across your entire business.
  • This includes advanced functionality that extends the power of NetSuite, like Cycle Counting, Pick Planner, and Pack Station.

Built for NetSuite - Native NetSuite


Built Directly into the NetSuite ERP

  • One login and one database - your NetSuite ERP
  • No duplicate inventory records  in a separate database to constantly reconcile 
  • As a native NetSuite application, you get the reliability, availability and performance of the cloud ERP in a world-class mobile data collection solution
  • No need to take on separate technologies

Want a proven solution for increasing productivity & inventory accuracy?

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Furtex - RF-SMART for NetSuite Customer


Customer Experience

“Using RF-SMART, our on-time picks have increased from 73% to 99%, and we’re now completing 25% more orders - increasing productivity without increasing  headcount.”


Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why do you use mobile? 

Mobile inventory management touches every area of your supply chain, automating paper-based processes in your warehouse, shop floor or retail store. Start by barcoding your products & locations, and then arm your workforce with barcode scanners and software that directs their movement efficiently while updating NetSuite in real-time. 

2.  Why would I need a mobile solution with NetSuite?  

Also called a warehouse management system (WMS) or mobile inventory management, these solutions come in many shapes and sizes. While RF-SMART supports native NetSuite functionality, we also provide value-added features like Cycle Counting, Replenishment, three different Picking Options, a seamless Packing Process and the ability to pick and count at the same time.  

3.  What makes RF-SMART different?  

We’ve been creating ERP-specific inventory management solutions for over 40 years. Our inventory management solution fills gaps in NetSuite, while also providing vertical-specific functions. RF-SMART is not only Built for NetSuite (BFN) but is Built IN NetSuite to provide you with a high reliability your data collection solution.

Other competitive advantages include: Scalability, Quick time to value/ROI (fits the SuiteSuccess timeframe), 2,000+ global NetSuite customers, and 24/7 support available around the world. Let us provide a total solution for your warehousing project; software, hardware, implementation, support and business consulting.

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