Benefits of Using RF-SMART with NetSuite

RF-SMART supports Oracle NetSuite’s key functionality and adds features to effectively fill the gap between a simple RF system and a complex, often overkill WMS.

Why Customers and Partners are Choosing RF-SMART:



RF-SMART has been developing ERP-specific (not one-flavor-fits-all) mobile solutions since 1982. We have the pleasure of serving more than 1,000 Warehouse/Distribution and Manufacturing customers in more than 30 countries around the world. Our experienced staff understands supply chain processes, mobile technology and how to marry the two to achieve world-class results.


Customer Satisfaction

Month-to-month and year-to-year, our customer satisfaction hovers near 100%. This results from leveraging great technology, developing high-quality products and staffing our help desk with dedicated support specialists who can resolve issues during local business hours – anywhere in the world.



RF-SMART provides a growing array of functions to support the movement, management, manufacture and fulfillment of inventory – in real-time, across your entire business. This includes advanced functionality that extends the power of NetSuite, like Cycle Counting, Pick Planner, and Pack Station.


Built Directly into the NetSuite ERP

As a native NetSuite application, you get the reliability, availability and performance of the cloud ERP in a world-class mobile data collection solution – without having to take-on or manage any additional technologies. This means you can utilize NetSuite's advanced bins, bin management, or no bins - whatever is best for your operation.

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"Going with RF-SMART has been the best decision our business has made since taking on NetSuite. If you're thinking of choosing NetSuite or already are using it, RF-SMART brings another level of functionality, speed and accuracy to your inventory. It is essentially a must have; we couldn't see ourselves now without it."

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