Packing Station for NetSuite

RF-SMART's Packing Station helps you maximize order accuracy by scanning items as you pack them - and the option to ship with one click.

Can You Relate to these Industry Needs?

  • Are incorrect items or quantities being shipped to customers?
  • Does it take too long to update NetSuite with packing and shipping information?
  • Is there a lack of accountability for “who packed and shipped what?”
  • Are chargebacks for “supposedly missing” items hurting your bottom line?

These problems are easily solved with RF-SMART's Packing Station. Built in NetSuite, our packing solution provides your order fulfillment personnel with the right tools and user interface to maximize order and shipping accuracy - all in one screen. Using an intuitive interface and barcode scanning support, RF-SMART's Packing Station:

  • Validates that the correct items and quantities are being scanned into boxes
  • Shows which items were packed into each box
  • Reports on order packer/shipper activity
  • Can print packing slips for all items packed for item fulfillment
  • Can support NetSuite Scale Integration
  • Can assign box types to a specific carrier
  • Reduces number of steps for packing and shipping a transaction to one screen

Need to Pack and Ship? 

Our PackingPlus bundle includes all of the packing functionality listed, plus the ability to:

  • Ship UPS, FedEx and USPS using native NetSuite shipping 
  • Rate shop for FedEx and UPS after boxes are packed

And with Pick, Pack, Ship from the Device, you have the additional ability to: 

  • Process small orders or items that ship individually 
  • Combine the entire process into one mobile function
  • Print the shipping label and packing slip to a user-defined printer

Get the best value with every shipment, while simplifying and streamlining your shipping process. 

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