NetSuite WMS Solution

Companies using NetSuite bins or advanced bins can take full advantage of powerful barcoding & WMS functionality for Warehousing / Distribution.

Can You Relate to These Industry Needs?

  • Do you need to fulfill orders more quickly and accurately?
  • Do you struggle with inventory accuracy?
  • Do you need real-time visibility into your warehouse operations?
  • Do you know what your workers are doing? 
These problems are easily solved with RF-SMART’s Advanced Distribution (WMS) for NetSuite.

RF-SMART fully enables barcoding as well as provides value-added functions like Cycle Counting, Bin Replenishment and Multi-Order Picking to increase efficiency and enable greater gains in warehouse performance.

All functions listed below also support and enhance Inventory Status.

Functions in this package:

  • Bin/Location Count
  • Bin Putaway
  • Bin Transfer (Lot & Serial)
  • Bin Item Setup
  • Bin Inquiry
  • Bin Replenishment
  • Assembly Build Picking
  • Inventory Set Up
  • Inter-company Cross Subsidiary Fulfillment
  • Printer Assignment

Plus Functionality included in our Standard Distribution Bundle:

RF-SMART Works With or Without Bins

NetSuite’s bin and advanced bin functionality provides a more granular view of inventory, and RF-SMART makes inventory movement, management and fulfillment processes fast and easy with bins. Not using bins yet? Check out our Inventory Management solution, where you can still take advantage of a world-class barcoding solution.

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