NetSuite WMS Solution

Companies using NetSuite bins or advanced bins can take full advantage of powerful barcoding & WMS functionality for Warehousing / Distribution.

Can You Relate to These Industry Needs?

  • Do you need to fulfill orders more quickly and accurately?
  • Do you struggle with inventory accuracy?
  • Do you need real-time visibility into your warehouse operations?
  • Do you know what your workers are doing? 
If you are looking to fulfill orders more quickly and accurately and need real-time visibility into your warehouse operations, a WMS solution may be your best bet. Through barcode scanning, you can increase productivity and ultimately customer satisfaction across your supply chain.

RF-SMART WMS Solution for NetSuite

RF-SMART fully enables barcoding as well as provides value-added functions like Cycle Counting, Bin Replenishment and Multi-Order Picking to increase efficiency and enable greater gains in warehouse performance.

All functions listed also support and enhance Inventory Status.


Functions in this package:

Six Questions to Ask When Selecting a NetSuite WMS Solution

icon_1 Work with or without bins? 

Not all warehouses need bins to manage inventory. RF-SMART leaves that decision to you - working with or without bins. Not using bins yet? Check out our Inventory Management solution. If you decide later to add bins, our warehousing experts can help you with the transition. 

icon_2 Have quick time to value?

RF-SMART implements in hours, not weeks. By minimizing your cost of implementation, you can start improving customer service, inventory accuracy and visibility faster, resulting in faster ROI. 

icon_3 Use an integrated packing solution? 

Built in NetSuite, RF-SMART’s Packing Station is a user-friendly, single-screen packing feature. You gain the ability to see package level details, define boxes, weigh items with scale integration, and print packing list and shipping labels. 

icon_4 Extend NetSuite functionality?

RF-SMART supports native NetSuite functionality and extends it with value added features like:

icon_5 Provide a one-stop shop for support?

One call to RF-SMART can connect you with support for all your mobile inventory questions. Whether you need one of our warehouse consultants with over 10 years of experience or a dedicated hardware professional for recommendations on devices - our team of experts is ready to assist you.

icon_6 Has the solution been fully tested? 

RF-SMART performs full functionality regression testing every night. This eliminates the need for user tests before implementing updates. You can rest easy knowing NetSuite updates work with RF-SMART as soon as they are released!

"RF-SMART is faster than our previous solution and updates NetSuite instantaneously once the transaction is complete. That’s the beauty of actually being Built in NetSuite." 

Read why Midwest Equipment switched to increased speed in their warehouse while eliminating almost all of their mis-ships.

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