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NetSuite Shipping Software by RFSMART


RF-SMART's multi-carrier shipping solution for NetSuite ensures your orders get out the door quickly and with the best rate.

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Faster netsuite shipping with rf-smart shipping

Speed Up Shipping Transactions

Ensure your shippers aren't dealing with long lag times. This solution is built for speed to streamline your shipments and quickly print shipping labels.

reduce fulfillment errors with rf-smart shipping for netsuite

Reduce Fulfillment Errors

Use pre-configured rules to automatically choose the lowest rate, enforce customer SLA, and complete your fulfillments accurately.

easiest netsuite shipping software to train new employees on

Train Shippers in Seconds

Train shippers in as little as 30 seconds. Scan through the entire shipment process, eliminating manual decisions.

Shipping Can Be Expensive & Complicated.
We Make it Fast, Easy & Cost-Effective.

RF-SMART Shipping Demo

See an overview of our product in action.
Demo includes:

  • Scan, Scan, Ship
  • Rules Engine
  • Document Templates
  • Shipping Dashboard
  • Support

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netsuite shipping integration makes shipping faster and easier

Make Hard Shipping Decisions Easy,
ErrorProof & Automatic

  • Our no code rules engine automates even the trickiest business decisions to make your shipping process error-proof

  • The Label Editor makes it easy to generate shipping labels and shipping documents, such as packing slips.

  • Use simple logic statements to set rules that get packages to your customer on time at the lowest rate

  • Shipping methods will be based on the most updated and accurate estimates of real delivery dates from major carriers – picking the most economical option to get your package delivered on time

  • Use our rate shopping feature to view shipping rates in real-time to reduce shipping costs. 

RF-SMART Shipping utilizes the most advanced technology on the market to bring you a continuously updated and advanced parcel shipping product. Below are some of the features our customers love: 

custom rules engine for shipping software


Custom Rules Engine:

Sets automatic rules for shipments to optimize methods and workflows so shippers don’t have to make decisions. 

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3D packing algorithm optimizes box selection during the packing process to reduce wasted space. 

Shipping Consolidation


Shipping Consolidation:

Shippers can combine multiple Item Fulfillments or Sales Orders into the same outbound shipment.

batch shipping


Batch Shipping:

Easily automate label printing and ship multiple same-type packages to different recipients with automation and speed. 

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Provides a quick overview of shipping data such as shipments by carrier, user, expenditures, and destination. 

post-shipment tracking


Post-Shipment Tracking:

View detailed history and manage orders from each shipment, including label creation, tracking numbers, in transit, delivered, and returned.

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RF-SMART Shipping Flow


End to End Supply Chain Support

Having the correct inventory software and processes in place is absolutely key to customer satisfaction. RF-SMART’s suite of supply chain solutions for NetSuite provides support for picking and parcel tracking, so you can ensure your customers are receiving the correct items in the fastest delivery timeframe possible.

These problems are easily solved with RF‑SMART's NetSuite Shipping Solution:

Designed with ease of use and configurability in mind, RFSMART Shipping utilizes the smartest automation on the market for optimal performance.

In a matter of seconds, just scan your sales order or tote, use a calculated weight or a quick scan to weigh the shipment, scan the barcode to select the box size, and print the label!

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Batch Print Labels

Batch Print Labels

Edit your packing slips easily with no added fees

Edit your packing slips easily with no added fees

View shipment history

View shipment history

Void shipments without accessing NetSuite

Void shipments without accessing NetSuite

View a dashboard with key shipping intel

View a dashboard with key shipping intel

Train your shippers in a matter of minutes

Train your shippers in a matter of minutes

Warehouse Shipping


Learn shipping best practices that will improve your fulfillment process, optimize your supply chain efficiency, and improve customer retention.

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Certified Hardware Devices

RF-SMART offers top-shelf hardware brands that are tested and validated with our product. Our list of certified devices are recommended for use with RF-SMART Shipping and will provide the best user experience. Our Hardware Experts will work with your team to ensure you make the best choice to meet the unique needs of your business.
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Common Warehouse Shipping Questions

How can I ship with NetSuite? 

The best way to ship with NetSuite is by utilizing a Built-for-NetSuite Shipping solution that prioritizes speed, accuracy, and configurability. RF-SMART Shipping allows customers to seamlessly fulfill their NetSuite orders while ensuring the most accurate and efficient processes for their users. 

How can I get shipping rates for NetSuite Shipping Software?  

Best practice is to leverage a shipping solution that offers automatic and configurable rate shopping options. RF-SMART's customizable rules engine guides users through each shipment while automatically choosing the best rate compatible with the order requirements and customer SLA.

Does RF-SMART have a NetSuite Shipping module?  

Yes! RF-SMART Shipping is a Built-for-NetSuite SuiteApp that seamlessly guides users through its scan, scan, ship process to complete each order with maximum ease of use.

Is EDI connection available for RF-SMART Shipping?  

Yes! RF-SMART Shipping’s EDI function allows companies to communicate vendor and shipment information to and from their chosen EDI, while creating an easy-to-use staff experience.

Can I utilize multi-carrier shipping with NetSuite? 

Yes! RF-SMART Shipping enables users to leverage a host of industry-leading carriers, including FedEx, UPS, USPS, and more.

Get the best value with every shipment, while simplifying and streamlining your shipping process. 

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