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Save Time & Money with RF-SMART's Built-for-NetSuite Shipping Solution

RF-SMART Shipping
 is fast, configurable, and easy-to-use. E
nsure your orders are getting out the door quickly with the best rate with RF-SMART Shipping.
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Shipping Can Be Expensive & Complicated.  We Make it Fast, Easy & Cost-Effective.

Get your package to your customer on time, for the lowest ship cost possible

  • With RF-SMART’s NetSuite Shipping solution, you can use real-time shipping rates and no longer have to guess on delivery dates
  • Automated rate shopping happens behind the scenes for each package to pick the best ship method, based on when each carrier estimates your package will be delivered to your chosen destination
  • Reduce training times for shippers from hours to minutes

"RF-SMART Shipping was a lifesaver during the holiday season. We timed our shippers, and they were able to ship out packages with RF-SMART 3X faster than with our old solution. With over 3,000 packages a day, that has saved over 13 hours a day in time for our business."

- Smoky Mountain Knife Works

Want to make shipping faster, easier and cheaper for your company?

Transform Your Shipping

NetSuite Shipping Solution Customer Story: 
See How Feetures Reduced Their Ship Time By 85%

Before RF-SMART's NetSuite Shipping Solution, Feetures was experiencing a bottleneck in their pick, pack and ship operations at their shipping stations.

Now, Feetures can simply scan a barcode and ship a package in seconds. RF-SMART Shipping helps them meet customer demand and reduce ship time by 85%. 

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NetSuite Shipping Features by RF-SMART - Shipping Dashboard


Make Hard Shipping Decisions Easy, Error-Proof & Automatic

  • Our no code rules engine automates even the trickiest business decisions to make your shipping error-proof
  • Use simple logic statements to set rules that get packages to your customer on time at the lowest rate
  • Shipping decisions will be based on the most updated and accurate estimates of real delivery times from major carriers – picking the most economical option to get your package delivered on time
  • Your shippers no longer need to make complex decisions

These problems are easily solved with
RF-SMART's NetSuite Shipping Solution: 

Designed with ease of use and configurability in mind, RF-SMART Shipping utilizes the smartest automation on the market for optimal performance. In a matter of seconds, just scan your sales order or tote, use a calculated weight or a quick scan to weigh the shipment, scan the barcode to select the box size, and print the label! 

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With RF-SMART Shipping, you can: 

  • Batch Print Labels 
  • Edit your packing slips easily with no added fees 
  • View shipment history and void shipments without accessing NetSuite 
  • View a dashboard with key shipping intel 
  • Train your shippers in a matter of minutes 


Certified Hardware Devices

RF-SMART offers top-shelf hardware brands that are tested and validated with our product. Our list of certified devices are recommended for use with RF-SMART Shipping and will provide the best user experience. Our Hardware Experts will work with your team to ensure you make the best choice to meet the unique needs of your business.

Certified Devices



Honeywell Wedge Scanner 1950Honeywell Label Printer PC43Zebra Wedge ScannerHoneywell Label Printer PC43   BC-60




Get the best value with every shipment, while simplifying and streamlining your shipping process. 

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