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What is Pick, Pack, Ship Software for NetSuite? 

Pick, Pack, Ship software tracks the status of an Item Fulfillment in NetSuite from the moment an order is picked, until it is shipped to the customer and leaves the facility. 

Why is Pick, Pack, Ship
Software Important? 

Organizing your entire pick, pack, and ship process with functional inventory software solutions decreases errors, increases order visibility, improves efficiency, and streamlines your supply chain.  
RF-SMART customers have seen substantial returns on investment in each stage of their fulfillment process using our pick, pack, ship functionality.



What are picked, packed, and shipped statuses in NetSuite?  

The picked, packed, or shipped status in NetSuite is relevant to the Item Fulfillment record status. RF-SMART automatically updates this field as the Item Fulfillment moves through each step of the fulfillment process. 

Pick Pack Ship Statuses-1


Picking Software   
With RF-SMART picking, users are directed to the proper bin or location to pick the right product, and an Item Fulfillment record is created in real-time with the exact item(s) and item details as the pick is completed.  
RF-SMART offers a variety of picking options that can help managers plan picks more efficiently, help users navigate the quickest pick path through the warehouse without a paper pick list, and allow teams to batch or multi-order pick to increase efficiency.

picking screen for pick pack ship software


The benefits of leveraging RF-SMART's functionality in your picking process 

  • Increased Picking Accuracy With RF-SMART's barcode scanning solution, your picking process can be accomplished entirely from the handheld. By scanning to verify the bin and item, your pickers can rest assured that the items they are sending are correct. 
  • Optimized Picking Routes RF-SMART offers advanced functionality to further optimize picking on the warehouse floor. FIFO, FEFO, Preferred Bin, and Best Bin picking methods will help guide your users in an efficient path.  
  • Decreased Picking Times As your picking process becomes more streamlined, navigating your warehouse picks will take less time. 

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pick manager for warehouse picking display-1-1


Pick Manager >

has the capacity to wave multiple orders together into a single pick path.

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Pick Planner >

allows you to split one large order over multiple pickers


The packing step can vary depending on your preferences and the setup of your warehouse.
RF-SMART offers the ability to pack in a variety of ways to fit your processes. 


Packing at Picking
Packing at Picking
Some RF-SMART customers pick directly into a shipping carton and skip the packing step in NetSuite. RF-SMART provides the ability to bypass the packing step
Pack at Pack Station
Packing at a Packing Station
Other RF-SMART customers might pack at a separate packing station and send their packed orders to a shipping station via a conveyor belt or other method. In this scenario, RF-SMART customers can leverage our packing functionality to mark the order “packed” before moving it on to shipping. 
Packing at Shipping
Packing at Shipping
One of the most popular ways to pack an order is at the shipping station. Orders can be marked “packed” and “shipped” in one single step to save time, if desired.  

Picking the Right Container for Packing

Most businesses leverage a variety of packaging based on the shipment size and weight. Using RF-SMART's Automation for Mobile Dimensioning can update dimensions of items to NetSuite with the click of a button. Once the dimensions are in NetSuite, RF-SMART Shipping can inform the shipper which carton they should use. 

packing and containerization - picking the right container for packing



A capable shipping software should automate rate-shopping for your shipments,
making the process fast, configurable, and easy to use. RF-SMART Shipping checks these
boxes and more. Reduce your shipping time down to just seconds with these features: 
choosing right shipping rates with automatic rate shopping

Choosing Shipping Rates  

RF-SMART Shipping guides users to the most economical option for shipments based on the customer SLA, ensuring you are getting the best carrier rate for each package.  

Reduce Shipping Errors with advanced shipping software

Reducing Costly Shipping Errors  

With our custom rules engine, shippers are guided through the most detailed shipment requirements without any manual intervention. This ensures the most economical shipping carrier/method is being selected.  

accelerate shipping process with fast pick pack ship software

Accelerating the Shipping Process  

RF-SMART Shipping utilizes the smartest automation to improve overall performance. Customers are seeing massive time savings when shipping packages with our simple “scan, scan, ship” model: 

warehouse Shipping Process infographic



Warehouse Shipping


Download this guide to get more information on Warehouse Shipping and shipping best practices.


Warehouse Shipping Guide mockup


Scalability of pick pack ship software


How to Choose Pick, Pack, Ship Software 
When choosing the right pick, pack, and ship software, you must consider how each solution will scale. An advanced warehouse management system (WMS) and shipping software, such as RF-SMART, offers multiple tiers of functionality so you can trust your supply chain is covered no matter how much your business grows. 
Why use RF-SMART for Pick, Pack, Ship Software for NetSuite?  
Over 2,000+ cloud customers lean on RF-SMART's time-tested solutions for their picking, packing, and shipping processes. These customers range in size and industry, and each has been able to leverage RF-SMART's 40 years of experience and 24/7 support to meet their needs.  



2000 customers pick pack ship software


Pick, Pack, & Ship, All From the Handheld 
Pick/Pack/Ship – RF-SMART provides the functionality to combine all three functions into a single-person process that can be completed right from the mobile handheld. Pick/Pack/Ship requires that the shipping method and weights be determined prior to picking and can be used on smaller to mid-size orders where items may need to be over-packed or shipped individually.  The worker would pick directly into the shipping container and print all necessary documents using a packing/shipping station. 

With our Pick/Pack/Ship functionality, complete multiple tasks in processing a sales order in real-time, all from the same workflow: 

  • The user scans a Sales Order, assigns a box type and then picks the order. 
  • If additional boxes are required, the user selects a new box and continues picking. There is also an option to move items between boxes prior to updating NetSuite. 
  • After the picking and packing process is completed, the user is prompted to print shipping labels and packing slips.  
  • The assignment of box types and the printing of all documents to a user-defined printer can be setup to a default parameter automatically. 

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Get in touch with our team to see how we can optimize your pick, pack, ship process. 

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