NetSuite Implementation

Having implemented RF-SMART for NetSuite at more than 2,000 locations, our methodology is proven and effective.

We start with your objectives, business processes and NetSuite implementation and deliver an RF-SMART implementation with a flexible plan that fits different timelines and budgets

In fact, companies can install RF-SMART in about 30 seconds. The NetSuite system administrator or someone with proper NetSuite privileges installs the RF-SMART “bundle” themselves from within NetSuite. The RF-SMART menu simply appears in their NetSuite menu when they log in again.


“We recently launched NetSuite with RF-SMART, and I wanted to say how helpful the RF-SMART team was during our implementation. They were not only readily available for our training sessions and go-live, but extremely effective as consultant as well. As new NetSuite customers, it was a breath of fresh air to have a great combination of an approachable and knowledgeable partner who did fantastic as a subject matter expert.”

What You Can Expect from Our Team?

The answer is simple really, expertise. With more than 2000 Cloud customers worldwide, we’ve faced a lot of questions and scenarios. 

“Is my warehouse optimized?” 
“If I change this dimension, will it affect my pick route?” 

Pretty confusing, huh? Well, the good news is at RF-SMART, we combine

  • ERP Experience 
  • Warehouse Experience 
  • Mobile Data Collection Expertise 

All to give you a professional team that you can trust your supply chain execution with - from beginning to end.

Curious how our NetSuite Implementation Team transforms our customers?

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