NetSuite Implementation

Having implemented RF-SMART for NetSuite at more than 1,500 locations, our methodology is proven and effective.

We start with your objectives, business processes and NetSuite implementation and deliver an RF-SMART implementation with a flexible plan that fits different timelines and budgets

In fact, companies can install RF-SMART in about 30 seconds. The NetSuite system administrator or someone with proper NetSuite privileges installs the RF-SMART “bundle” themselves from within NetSuite. The RF-SMART menu simply appears in their NetSuite menu when they log in again.


What You Can Expect from Our Team?

The answer is simple really, expertise. With more than 1000 Cloud customers worldwide, we’ve faced a lot of questions and scenarios. 

“Is my warehouse optimized?” 
“If I change this dimension, will it affect my pick route?” 

Pretty confusing, huh? Well, the good news is at RF-SMART, we combine

  • ERP Experience 
  • Warehouse Experience 
  • Mobile Data Collection Expertise 

All to give you a professional team that you can trust your supply chain execution with - from beginning to end.

Curious how our NetSuite Implementation Team transforms our customers?

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