NetSuite Manufacturing Reporting Tools

Report on Completed Labor & Quantities with Mobile Work Order Reporting

Filling a functional gap for NetSuite Manufacturing customers, RF-SMART's Mobile Work Order Reporting (WOR) function allows you to track completions and labor at each step of the manufacturing process.

How It Works

The Mobile WOR function allows you to report quantities completed by operation and start/stop labor against a manufacturing operation straight from the device, providing real-time visibility into your shop floor operations.

FOR THE USER: Workers are prompted to record quantity completed at operation steps in real-time. The user-friendly UI makes it easy to record quantities and time is calculated by how long they are in each step of the operation. They are able to report on one order at a time, or multiple orders at once.

FOR MANAGERS: Operations Managers are able to see completed manufacturing process steps, which step a worker is currently on, and how long it takes to complete each step. This can also help the customer service team gain visibility into the manufacturing process.

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Can you relate to these industry needs?

  • Are you able to accurately track job times in order to determine actual cost?
  • Do you need real-time visibility into work order activity?
  • Are ERP interfaces are too complex and inefficient for your shop floor team?
  • Do you want to track labor and quantities at the NetSuite Work Center Operation Step?
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Capture labor costs at the touch of a button with Work Center Reporting

Built in NetSuite, our Work Center Reporting (WCR) solution helps work center and line operators easily report labor and quantities while giving you real-time visibility into your operations. Using an intuitive touch screen interface (or barcode scanning), WCR lets your floor workers quickly and easily:

  • Start and stop work order operations
  • Confirm or update number of labor resources/
  • Report completed quantities
  • Report scrap quantity (last routing operation)
  • Print item labels that can also contain the work order number and reference sales order number

Start gaining instrumental insight into your company’s day-to-day shop floor production!

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