NetSuite for Retail Inventory Management

RF-SMART's Retail Inventory Management for NetSuite extends the omni-channel vision with powerful, real-time inventory visibility and fulfillment functionality.

Can You Relate to These Industry Needs

  • Are you a NetSuite retail customer using NetSuite for inventory management?
  • Do you need to improve your multi-channel fulfillment capabilities?
  • Is your inventory accurate and visible to your organization and your customers?
  • Do your associates have the right tools to accurately receive, count and maintain inventory?
  • Is transferring merchandise between stores and warehouses easy … or a hassle?

Retailers need access to accurate, real-time inventory data to be able to make good purchasing decisions, minimize costs, meet customer expectations and increase sales. Being able to identify redundant or slow-moving inventory is a must.

If visibility into accurate inventory data is not immediately available in NetSuite, consequences can include:

  • Inability to drive reductions in safety stock levels
  • Inability to fulfill customer orders on time
  • Inability to measure and improve company performance

RF-SMART Retail Inventory Management

Our Retail Inventory Management bundle helps you meet today’s omni-channel requirements by providing core inventory and retail-specific functionality for your operations. RF-SMART extends NetSuite's retail module with mobile functions.

All functions listed also support and enhance Inventory Status, multi-language and barcode parsing.

Functions in this package:

Be like Frescobol Carioca, Get Better Results

With 96% growth projected, Frescobol Carioca knew that it was business critical to manage their stock and eradicate paper-based, manual inventory practices.

With the manual processes in place, it was difficult to manage inventory between the retail store and the warehouse. By using item transfer functionality, Frescobol can quickly and easily transfer product to retail stores, and vice versa.

This automation increases the efficiency and accuracy of product going out the door - and all product movement is recorded and reflected in real-time in NetSuite.

RF-SMART's NetSuite integration enabled the company to improve their picking accuracy to 99%, allowing them to quickly and accurately fulfill orders and keep customers happy.  Learn more.



NetSuite ideaReduce Inventory Shrinkage with Traceability

Maintaining Traceability of inventory movement is important to help retailers reduce inventory shrinkage. When the tracking of inventory movement is not available, the consequences can include:

  • Greater risk of stock outs caused by short shipments
  • Eroding of the bottom line due to employee theft and/or shoplifting
Tracking inventory every time it’s touched is a process that can be very time consuming. By implementing mobile inventory management, this process becomes easier, faster and more accurate - plus you gain an audit trail when errors are found. The results include improvement in inventory accuracy, decreases in inventory cost, and better customer service.
It’s very simple. The store requests the items, the transfer order is created, and then the warehouse staff is prompted to pick the order... The moment you submit, the transaction shows up in NetSuite. The integration is very good, and we’re quite happy. ”

Read how RF-SMART was able to save Frescobol Carioca $40,000.

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