PAR Location Management

Healthcare providers can streamline materials-related activities, improve control over PAR locations, and gain visibility into every transaction via mobile receiving, counting, replenishment and more.

PAR location management

Facilities, such as hospitals and other healthcare providers, need to efficiently manage and replenish supplies. Nurses and other clinical staff grab and utilize supplies as necessary without scanning them in or out. You can have hundreds of items per location and hundreds of locations per facility. By automating your PAR process, Oracle healthcare driven facilities reduce costs and enhance operational efficiency while maintaining patient care levels.

  • Do you struggle keeping PAR locations stocked?
  • Are your supply levels accurate?
  • Do you need more visibility into your hospital operations?
  • Would you like to automate data entry and minimize variability of items to buy/manage?

One way to do this is to improve visibility across PAR locations, stockrooms and warehouses. RF-SMART’s mobile functionality, combined with the Oracle Cloud, gives you a process that ensures your inventory levels are maintained at ideal quantities.

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RF-SMART PAR Management

Designed and developed in collaboration with Oracle Product Strategy, RF-SMART's pre-integrated PAR Management solution increases visibility into supply utilization with the ability to optimize your PAR locations. Our PAR technology functionality allows you to define locations, the items within, min/max levels, replenishment method, and other key attributes. With the ability to create shifts and define schedules, you can manage work activities and staffing to monitor and maximize efficiency. You are able to see who did what and when they did it, and your entire organization can perform real-time inquiries to see what’s on-hand.


We provide flexible, purpose-built functionality for Oracle Healthcare driven facilities, including:

  • Template Creation
  • Location Definition & Management
  • Trigger Req’s in Oracle
  • Trigger IMTs in Oracle
  • Mass Item Updates
  • Error Notifications


Tighter Control on PAR Activities

RF-SMART provides better insight into PAR counts and making sure PAR locations are counted on the appropriate days and shifts.

PAR Scheduling

Once you create a PAR Group, you can then assign a shift to count that group. Groups can be scheduled for multiple days or shifts. End users can see the Groups of PARs to be counted on their shift when they login to the mobile device. 

PAR Grouping

PAR Grouping provides the ability to join multiple PAR Locations into a larger group. By grouping PAR Locations for a specific Organization, you can ensure all locations are counted and increase overall count efficiency.   

PAR Activity Dashboard

Managers can quickly and easily view real-time PAR activity on our PAR Activity Dashboard for better visibility and accountability. PAR locations must be grouped and scheduled for RF-SMART to populate the Dashboard. 


Today's PAR Activity Dashboard
PAR Location Management

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Mobile PAR (Offline)

Once your PAR locations are defined in RF-SMART’s PAR Management, you are ready to send your supply chain professionals out to count and manage your healthcare inventory.

Your supply chain professionals count locations on a periodic basis to make sure everything is at the optimum (PAR) level. Our offline mobile application has a user-friendly UI that is easy to use and learn, reducing training time. You also don’t have to worry about spotty WI-FI throughout your facility.



RF-SMART and Oracle work seamlessly to trigger replenishments and appropriately expense items. Purchase Orders for vendor supplied items & an IMT/Transfer Orders for storeroom replenished items are created automatically.

Mobile offline functions include:

  • Count
  • Request
  • Two-Bin
  • Item Look-up
“It is the specific way RF-SMART is designing their solution to align with the needs of healthcare companies that excites me the most.”

Read how CentraCare saved time and increased accuracy in their operations by using RF-SMART.

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