Oracle Mobile Device Management Solution (MDM)

Simplify Your Oracle Cloud Mobile Device Management

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RF-SMART's Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Oracle Cloud hardware enables you to manage all aspects of business-critical mobile device operations from a single, easy-to-use console. Powered by SOTI, you get full visibility into your fleet of devices at all locations with advanced security, support, and reporting. 

The offering includes advanced monitoring solutions, fast configuration, support features, access to the latest security updates, and much more.  With this solution from RF-SMART, your team can spend more time focused on your business and less time worrying about device management.

MDM is a part of our Complete Care Hardware Professional Services (HPS) solution. Mobile hardware devices for Oracle Cloud that are supported include Honeywell, Zebra, and some versions of other Android Mobile Computers.

What is MDM with RF-SMART & How Does it Work?

RF-SMART MDM is a solution to simplify mobile computer management by providing:

  • Fast deployment and redeployment of mobile devices
  • Remote configuration
  • Lockdown user interface
  • Constant security monitoring and device updating
  • Upgraded hardware and software support features through RF-SMART
  • Device location services

All that without your team having to lift a finger. 

The functionality, a partnership with SOTI, can fit any business’ needs, regardless of size, industry, processes, or environment

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What does RF-SMART MDM Include? 

  • Rapid Device Provisioning
  • Flexible Deployments based on Device Ownership
  • Upgraded hardware and software support features through RF-SMART
  • System Health Dashboard
  • Robust Application Management
  • Remote viewing and control
  • Application of the latest security updates
  • Indoor Location Services
  • Advanced Geofencing

RF-SMART MDM is a Must-Have If...

OC_CHECK BOX - Oracle You need to outsource mobile computer support to maintain or enhance management of your mobile devices.

OC_CHECK BOX - Oracle You don’t want to worry about manually installing ongoing OS, setting, or application updates.

OC_CHECK BOX - Oracle You want visibility into where your mobile computers are.

OC_CHECK BOX - Oracle You want to be able to troubleshoot remotely, without halting operational processes.

OC_CHECK BOX - Oracle You have multiple distributed locations and limited onsite IT staff.

OC_CHECK BOX - Oracle You want to provide regular security updates to the mobile computers.