Free Up Your Warehouse Workers with Wireless Printing

Is there anything more frustrating than losing your printer in a sea of wires and cables? Wouldn’t it be easier to print without the hassle of picking up your computer, walking it over to the printer, and trying to remember which cable you need to plug in?

While wireless printers may seem like a no-brainer in any warehouse that prints labels, there are a surprising amount of companies still wrestling with cords.

tangled printer cables - use mobile printers in the warehouse

But what are the options? Will printing wirelessly really improve the effectiveness of your company? While there are many solutions, choosing a warehouse printer is a whole different ball game than choosing an office printer. Here are some good places to start:

Wireless Print Servers

If you already have a faithful printer that is connected via Ethernet cable, a wireless print server might be what you’re looking for. Setup is easy: just connect the wireless print server to the printer with a normal USB cable and, voila, the printer will become available to other computers in your wireless network.  It’s certainly cheaper than buying a new printer, and it eliminates the messy wires required for a USB printer connection.

Wireless Printers

If you aren’t convinced that a wireless print server will do the job, consider a wireless printer. In some circumstances, a standard wireless printer will be more cost effective than a wireless print server. In a large company with many printing stations, printers with wireless capabilities are generally going to be less of a hassle and can actually save the user steps when they print labels. Many basic printer models are affordable and offer features like scanning and copying.

Look at it this way: If your warehouse already has relatively new, moderately priced printers, it might make more sense to invest in a wireless print server. If your printers are older, it may actually be more economical in the long run to go ahead and get a printer with a wireless function.

Mobile Printing

While wireless printing is clearly an easy solution, printing on-the-go is the latest in warehouse trends. Warehouses around the world have turned to mobile printing in an effort to keep up with demand. With mobile printing, they can print anytime, anywhere. What makes mobile printing so popular? The answer is two-fold: versatility and portability.

  1. Versatility - Mobile printing is versatile in the sense that there are a ton of options in the world of mobile printers. Price point is a non-issue with mobile printers. However, a lower-end printer is going to produce a lower end print. When choosing a mobile printing style, it is important to consider print quality.

  2. Portability - The biggest benefit of mobile printing is portability. Instead of walking across the warehouse and waiting to print at a centralized printing station, these light-weight printers can actually be worn over the shoulder with a strap. Being able to carry a small printer around the warehouse saves steps and time, increasing user and warehouse productivity.

No matter what you choose, the bottom line is that having a printer free from cables is a great option for keeping warehouses safe and clutter-free. 

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