Corporate Philanthropy at RF-SMART: Why is it Important?

Like for many of you, the holiday season is a time of reflection at RF-SMART. As we take a look back at the last year, we reminisce on the opportunities we've had to live out our mission of transforming customers and changing lives.

Why is Corporate Philanthropy a Goal at RF-SMART?

Philanthropy has always been a part of the culture at RF-SMART. In the last few years, our corporate philanthropic initiatives have been focused on fighting hunger and food insecurity in order to expand our impact. For us, it's about more than just feeling good - it's about making a difference in our communities and in our world. Here are some of the reasons we have a corporate volunteering goal:

  • It's in our mission. You already know we have a mission to change lives, but that mission doesn't just apply to RF-SMART employees, customers and partners. We recognize that we, as a company, have the opportunity to really live out our mission for those in our communities.
  • It's great team building. Our teams love spending time together. We provide opportunities throughout the year for employees (and their families) to take time out of their work day to serve others. 
  • It reminds us that we're a part of something bigger. We serve customers and employ team members all over the world. Having this company-wide goal unites us across departments, cities, and countries to come together for something bigger than ourselves.
Despite challenges the last two years have presented, in 2021 alone we volunteered over 1,000 hours with a variety of hunger organizations across the nation. Here’s a look at some of the projects and events we have been up to this year:

RF-SMART US East Coast Team

Our US East team came together to volunteer in groups (big and small) to provide meals to communities of all ages. In the Jacksonville area, we’ve had  teams deliver meals to seniors with Meals on Wheels, sort through donations at Feeding Northeast Florida, run the pantry at UCOM Jax, and participate in meal packing events with Hunger Fight to distribute meals to Title 1 elementary students in Northeast Florida. During our Wellness Week, we held an in-office meal packing event with Rise Against Hunger where we packed over 15,000 meals.

US East

The US East Team after the wellness week meal packing event with Rise Against Hunger. 

RF-SMART Team in the Rockies

Our US West team has served with a variety of organizations this year as well. They have regularly volunteered by serving meals at Denver Rescue Mission, preparing meals with Nourish Meals on Wheels, and organizing donations at Food Bank of the Rockies.

denver rescue.jpg
The team from the RF-SMART US West office volunteers at Denver Rescue Mission.

RF-SMART Team Across the Globe

Our distributed employees volunteered individually or with their families at hunger organizations local to their area. A group of our employees in the Kansas City area volunteer together once a month at Harvesters Community Food Network. They have sorted and packed through countless food items during their time at the warehouse.


Team members in Kansas City volunteer together regularly with RF-SMART partners.

In addition to volunteering, we made it a priority to hold regular companywide food drives to donate to local food pantries. In our most recent food drive, RF-SMART pledged to match $2 per every item to help those affected by Hurricane Ida. In that specific drive, we collected 2,867 items and the company donated $5,734 to Feeding America’s Disaster Relief fund.

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On the left: Members of the US East Office dropping off food pantry donations. On the right: Our 2021 Angel Tree is almost ready to be picked up by the Salvation Army.

We also continued the RF-SMART tradition for our employees to participate in the Salvation Army Angel Tree. This program is designed to help thousands of underprivileged children across the country experience the joy of opening gifts on Christmas day. This year, RF-SMART team members provided toys and clothes for 90 boys or girls from our office tree. 

To continue our corporate philanthropic efforts, we are excited to announce we will be increasing these goals for 2022 by expanding our impact into fighting poverty in addition to hunger! We have plans to continue our fundraising and volunteering efforts to be able to support our neighbors on a broader scale.

To learn more about what's coming for next year relating to philanthropy, check out this episode of the RF-SMART podcast to learn about our goals and ways that you can be involved!

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