RF-SMART is the leading Marketplace Solution for Oracle Cloud SCM

A strategic partner for Oracle Cloud SCM, RF-SMART is a global brand of mobile/RF data collection solutions and is the first approved mobile inventory application for SCM Cloud. Our Product Team has worked closely with Oracle Product Strategy and Product Development to develop a high performance cloud application that delivers powerful functionality for Oracle Inventory Cloud and Manufacturing Cloud.

RF-SMART is a real-time cloud application with functionality for Inventory, PAR Inventory and Manufacturing. Our deep experience in cloud solutions, mobility and supply chain processes has resulted in our products being trusted by more than 600 companies around the world.

Oracle featuring RF-SMART at Modern Supply Chain

What’s all the buzz about RF-SMART for SCM Cloud?

  • Real-time inventory visibility is essential for companies to fulfill urgent orders without going into negative inventory. Gain company-wide confidence in your data.
  • Improved inventory accuracy ensures orders are picked quickly and correctly, which drastically reduces costs associated with picking errors, including returns. Improving inventory accuracy to 99.9% can help reduce safety stock by 1/3 and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Efficient Processes - Keep your PAR locations fully stocked with efficient replenishment processes and better purchasing decisions. You gain the ability to minimize on-hand stock while still meeting needs.
  • Increased productivity allows for significant business growth without adding headcount. Even minor improvements to picking accuracy can have a major impact on the bottom line.
  • Quick time to value allows companies to see a payback of their investment within 1 year using RF-SMART to automate their inventory management.

With RF-SMART, having your head in the clouds might not be a bad thing. 

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