JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: The Picking “One-Two Punch”

Here at RF-SMART, we want to understand and alleviate any pains our customers are experiencing in the warehouse. So, when it comes to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne picking functionality, we want your company to optimize operations, as well as enable paperless processes throughout your warehouse.

All of this is possible through RF-SMART’s new advanced picking workflows. And you have lots of options to win.

RF-SMART for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Customer Fulfillment Picking

In the red corner, we have Customer Fulfillment Picking – for all those items going out. There are several RF-SMART extensions associated with the Sales Order and WMS Pick Confirmation capabilities in JD Edwards, including Transfer & Pick, Pick Manager, Zone or Aisle Picking and License Plating.

Internal Picking

And in the blue corner, coming in at a staggering 0.0 ounces, we have Internal Picking. RF-SMART extends the power of JD Edwards here with our Pick from License Plates and WMS “Hot” Replenishments.

For a deeper dive into these types of Advanced Picking, and if you want to find out if your company will come out a champion, speak to our team for a live demo.

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