Can you Relate to These Top Printing Headaches?

Every job comes with its challenges. But the real headaches come when it’s a challenge that should just work – like printing. After talking with companies across the globe, this seems to be a universal problem. If you’ve ever struggled getting your labels to print how you want them, the first time - this list is for you. 

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Top Printing Headaches:

  1. Mixing Data Sources – Ever worked with data that is not in your ERP but needed to be on your label? Maybe your customer requires that you put their logo and item description on the label for the product that you sold. Building a custom link to an external data source (like excel or a SQL-based database) and combining it with variable data from your ERP can ruin any day.
  2. Too many printers – Sometimes your printer setup can get so complicated, with different printers for each template or task. In fact, it’s common for companies to set up a different printer to handle each carrier’s label template, like UPS, FedEx and DHL. But while it may be a different template, they all use the same size label. What if your printer could intelligently look at the carrier in your ERP and automatically print the correct label?
  3. Need an art degree to design the label – Say you want to print directly from your ERP with a label designer that works like MS Word – Drag and drop; done. Instead of a “What you see is what you print” approach though, companies are left to code their label – assuming they know the specific printing language used. 

How To Make Printing Easier

Did we strike a nerve? If label printing makes you want to act out a scene from Office Space – stop, put down the bat and listen! There really is a way to make printing easier.

Print Suite Bridge, an enterprise labeling solution,  bridges the gap between ERP systems and printers, removing the above headaches and providing a flexible, integrated solution:

  • Print labels directly from your ERP or other 3rd party solution
  • Design labels or forms with drag & drop editor
  • Add additional data to your print requests without having to modify workflows
  • Handle high-volume label request processing
  • Real-time feedback on job and printer statuses

Even better - if you’re running Dynamics AX 2012 R3, fill the gaps with the inherent solution with:

  • A drag & drop designer instead of using ZPL (zebra printing language)
  • The ability to create a query to grab additional data from the transaction, from AX, or an external database
  • The ability to print to multiple printers
  • Out of the box integration to Dynamics AX to expose all of the AX fields
  • The definition of AX 2012 R3 Advanced WMS Mobile Device transaction trigger events that invoke a label print

If you relate to any of our top headaches, talk with our team today about our Print Suite Bridge solution. It is better (and safer) than taking a whack at your printer. 

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