Utilizing Scanning Modes for Better Results

It’s hard to believe, but barcodes have been used in some form since the 1960s. Today, barcodes are everywhere and used in industries across the globe to automate processes, increase productivity and reduce human error. As we rely on them more, it is understandably frustrating when problems occur. We’ve partnered with Honeywell to share some helpful tips on different scanning modes you can use on your devices to get better results. 


Acquiring the Correct Target

Ever scanned the wrong barcode when it is surrounded by a bunch of other barcodes? If so, you’re not alone. Honeywell scanners offer scanning features to help avoid this problem - all you have to do is turn them on.

  • Centering - This feature narrows the scanner’s field of view to make sure your device reads only the barcodes you intended. It is also known as Pick List Mode or Center Decode.
  • Aimer Delay – This setting turns on the aimer for a split second before the scanner scans, allowing you to position the beam over the specific barcode before scanning.
  • CodeGate – This is similar to Aimer Delay, only the aiming beam is turned on all the time. The scanner won’t scan until the scanner button is pressed, or a specific amount of time passes.

Shot Gun Scanning

What if you actually want to scan a bunch of barcodes close together without having to pull the trigger multiple times – like Quick Draw McGraw? Just turn on “Multiple Symbols” by scanning that barcode in the User Guide. The scanner will still read each barcode and transmit the information one at a time, but you only have to pull the trigger once.  If there are five barcodes close together – aim, hold the trigger, and you’ll hear five beeps – and you are done.

Trigger Free Scanning

Maybe you would rather “use the force” and turn your devices into light sabers so you can scan barcodes without having to pull any triggers. Presentation mode does just that - present a barcode and “beep” - it scans. 

There are two types of Presentation Modes:

  • Presentation Mode - In this mode, the scanner’s LEDs remain dim until a barcode is presented to the scanner.  Once the barcode is presented and detected, the LEDs turn up, the aimer turns on, and the scanner scans the barcode.
  • Streaming Presentation Mode - The scanner’s LEDs remain fully on and the scanner is always scanning. When a barcode is presented, the aimer turns on and the barcode is “scanned.” 

Digital Barcodes

Barcodes are no longer just paper stickers – there are now digital barcodes. If you are using digital barcodes that are being read on a device, such as a cell phone, you should strongly consider using 2D barcodes instead of traditional 1D barcodes. The reason? Cell phone screens come in all shapes and sizes. 1D barcodes, when shrunk down to display on a cell phone screen, can become too dense, making it very tough for a scanner to differentiate between white and black lines. 2D barcodes are much easier to scale to fit on various cell phone screens. 

You also don’t want to forget to optimize your device for reading digital screens (laptops, tablets, mobile devices.)  You can use the mode titled “Hand Held Scanning – Mobile Phone” Or if you want to utilize presentation mode you can use “Streaming Presentation - Mobile Phones.” 

Have questions on any of these modes or if your device supports them?

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