Why You Should Consider Moving to the Cloud

Are you looking to transition your business to the cloud? There are many benefits to cloud computing, including the flexibility to scale with growth, lower infrastructure costs, decrease operation overhead, and drive innovation across your business. But moving business systems to the cloud is a project that should be met with a lot of planning, thought and coordination across your organization.

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Why the Cloud?

According to Rick Jewell, Oracle senior vice president of applications development, “Half of CEOs say their industries will drastically change in the next three years, but 76% of chief supply chain officers say their digital transformation projects are not aligned.” The answer, he believes, is for companies to embrace the benefits of cloud computing.

The trend of organizations moving their financial and supply chain systems to the cloud is backed up by the Worldwide Supply Chain 2017 Predictions that by 2019, 50% of manufacturing supply chains will have taken advantage of digital transformation. The remaining half will be held back by outdated business models or functional structures.

What does this mean for you? If your business isn’t already considering cloud, you’re already falling behind. Transforming your supply chain operations and keeping pace with changing business requirements is something companies must do if they want to stay competitive.

If you need additional services to extend your solution, the Oracle Cloud Marketplace has more than 4,000 Oracle applications and services to meet your business needs.

RF-SMART + Oracle Cloud SCM

Inventory management enhances the ROI of your ERP investment by 30-50%. Today more than ever, mobile is essential to accurate and efficient supply chain execution. Any organization that moves, manages, manufactures, or fulfills inventory can benefit from using barcoding applications. If you are currently on an ERP that has mobile barcoding functionality, those processes can still be supported in Oracle Cloud SCM by using a mobile inventory solution like RF-SMART. By using mobile inventory, you can seamlessly support everything from receipt to put away with real-time integration.  

The RF-SMART Product Team worked closely with Oracle Product Strategy and Development to bring to market the first approved mobile inventory application for Oracle Cloud.  Our functionality so closely mirrors Oracle Cloud, you can't tell where Oracle ends and RF-SMART begins.

Ready to evaluate your options for rolling out a transformational cloud project? 

Keep reading for real examples of companies who've successfully moved to Oracle Cloud SCM and RF-SMART:

"In order to continue to bring the best product to market in a cost-conscientious environment, FairfieldNodal knew they needed speed, accuracy and efficiency in their technology systems. Knowing it would be more cost productive to consolidate systems to one platform (and that they wanted to move the Cloud), the FairfieldNodal team chose Oracle Cloud SCM as their ERP solution.”