Optical Character Reading (OCR): New Opportunity in Your Own Back Yard

We are joined again by Joe McClure, cutting-edge technology expert at Global Software Group. Joe recently gave us a glimpse into the future of data collection hardware by introducing optical character reading (OCR) software.

Today, he’s back, and this time he’s talking about when and where perfect opportunities might be to implement OCR in your own operations:

Are you doing the same thing and expecting different results?

A classic hardware solution may not be enough these days, and by educating your team on OCR technology, you can create opportunities in places and ways your organization might not normally target. It may be in a shipping port, a trucking yard or possibly even in a parking lot.

Why not discuss this technology and how it can differentiate yourself from your competition? Yes it’s new, but it will definitely set the bar high for your competitors because more than likely, they don’t know anything about it.

About 40 years ago, OCR technology was implemented to read certain fonts. Today, high resolution long range barcode imagers combined with high speed processors allow the OCR technology to reside on a mobile computer.

An application example would be the accurate imaging of the shipping container number: Simply aim the barcode imager at the shipping container number and it is digitized and made ready for the application.

Let’s say for example, you coordinate a warehouse Yard Check to inventory and identify what containers are in your yard. With OCR, your worker could simply walk the yard and capture the container numbers, improving the accuracy of the system.

How about license plates, rail car tanker numbers, yard management trailer numbers, checks, trash cans, air cargo ULD containers, VINs, expiration dates, China compulsory certificates, passports, meters, addresses and most any character identifiers that follow some sort of conformity?

Most likely, there is opportunity in your own warehouse – it just takes YOU to take a look and make a change in your operations.


Optical Character Reading


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