What are the Benefits of an Oracle Cloud Health Check for Inventory?

For Oracle Cloud users, performing a yearly Oracle Cloud health check can have incredible benefits. This short consultation with the RF-SMART team has helped many customers identify new workflows, functionality, and processes that save them time and increase labor productivity.

Software is a big investment, which is why it is so important that you are utilizing every applicable feature that can improve efficiency in your business. Keep reading to learn more about Oracle Cloud health checks and how RF-SMART can help.

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of an Oracle Cloud Health Check. You can use the numbered links to skip to specific sections.

  1. What is an Oracle Cloud health check for inventory?
  2. Who is the Customer Success team?
  3. The value of a yearly health check
  4. How to get connected with the Customer Success team

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Oracle Cloud Health Check

What is an Oracle Cloud Health Check for Inventory?

For RF-SMART customers using Oracle Cloud SCM, a health check is an opportunity to step back and re-evaluate processes and procedures in both their software use and their physical warehouse. Because SaaS is a continuous improvement journey, RF-SMART releases many new features, functions and workflows that can help improve processes for our customers. However, it is very easy to fall into old habits or not adopt some of the latest workflows simply due to the fast pace of the supply chain industry. Luckily, our Oracle Cloud Customer Success Team is dedicated to bringing you up to speed and making your processes more efficient than ever.

At RF-SMART, we want our customers to know we have your back. Our Customer Success team is here to help work with your team to improve your supply chain. If you have not already, reach out to us to schedule a health check. During those meetings, we review your transaction history, uncover newer versions of workflows, and discuss ongoing problems that may have gone unreported. Our health checks are the launching point to help you increase efficiency.  

Who is the Oracle Cloud Customer Success Team?

When choosing a software provider, it is vital to find a team that can support you after you go-live. At RF-SMART, we have an entire team dedicated to keeping our customers health and happy. Our team of experienced consultants are not only experts in supply chain, but they are also Oracle Cloud certified to ensure you get the most value out of your investment.  

Drawing on experience from more than 150 RF-SMART for Oracle Cloud customers, the Customer Success team can help answer general functionality questions or consult on best practices to improve efficiency and productivity. 

Some of the services offered by this team include:

  • Upgrading you to newer, faster workflows: The Customer Success team routinely checks in with our customers to ensure they are using the most up-to-date workflows and functionality available. This ensures you are as efficient as possible in your practices. 

  • Assisting with admin work like printer, PAR, and user maintenance: RF-SMART can remove manual administrative tasks, such as PAR uploads, from your list of daily tasks. Many customers choose to manage PARs in an Excel sheet. The Customer Success team can manage those uploads for our customers. Our team is full of consultants that are excellent with Excel and can identify opportunities for improvements to your PAR inventory.

  • Performing Health Checks: The RF-SMART team can come on-site to your facility to observe your supply chain practices and offer suggestions for improvements. When health checks are performed regularly, customers often see their performance improved by several hours each day. 

The Value of a Yearly Health Check

RF-SMART was recently on-site with a customer, and the customer did not realize that the Multi-Line Receiving functionality could connect with RF-SMART’s Delivery functionality. For this reason, the customer was manually creating a delivery for each receipt. By combining these functions, they customer was able to automate their processes and improve their productivity by eliminating 2 hours of manual work each day. 

In another instance, the customer was using a laptop to perform cycle counts. The RF-SMART team was able to train and empower the team to use a mobile handheld to reduce cycle counting time and improve their inventory accuracy. 

These may seem like simple changes, but they have a big impact. These improvements would not have happened without the partnership of an on-site resource. For even the most diligent of customers, there are details that are missed, functions that are forgotten, and best practices that might be laid to the wayside once the implementation team leaves or employees turn over. For this reason, we recommend making a health check a part of your yearly routine. 

How to Get Connected with the Customer Success Team

For your next step, reach out to customersuccessOC@rfsmart.com and ask to schedule a health check. Invite your RF-SMART admins and your RF-SMART super uses and together we’ll resolve problems, and improve inefficiencies.  

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