Do You Know Your Options with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012?

RF-SMART has devoted time (over 1,000 hours!) and other resources into becoming your R3 expert.That’s right, if this new release has left you scratching your head, rest easy knowing Partner Services are available.


  • Sales and pre-sales assistance
  • WMS gap analysis and planning
  • Warehouse business process consulting
  • Core AX supply chain consulting
  • RF-SMART sales, pre-sales and implementation
  • RF hardware and infrastructure services and support (regardless if you’re using Microsoft RF or RF-SMART)

These services will ensure any implementation is seamless. And since our team has the expertise in inventory management, WMS, data collection, manufacturing, and AX, we can provide a deeper, more integrated range of supply chain services.

WMS Options for AX 2012 R3

If you’re making the decision to go to R3, there’s a few things we thought you should know that might help you navigate through your options:

  • If you’re moving to R3, you still have the option to use WMS I or II and an ADC solution like RF-SMART to manage your warehouse.
  • If you have a preference for rule-based decisions vs. user-based, Microsoft’s new WMS Advanced might be a good fit, which utilizes waves and license plating and integrates with TMS.
  • If you’ve already invested in Telnet devices but fit the WMS Advanced route the best, there are options before replacing all of those legacy devices! Our R3 Telnet Accelerator supports legacy devices, so you won’t have to purchase new ones.

Quiz Resource - Determine your WMS fit in R3

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There are additional things to consider as you’re thinking about making the upgrade. Download this guide to assist you in weighing out your R3 options. In 12 Yes or No questions, better understand your options.