RF-SMART & Microsoft Dynamics R3: What You Need to Know

Unless you’ve been away on holiday on a very (VERY!) secluded island, I’m sure you have heard all the buzz centered on Microsoft Dynamic’s R3 release. As the release date is now here, I sat down with RF-SMART CEO, Michael Morales, to set the record straight on what our customers, partners and the entire AX community can expect from RF-SMART.

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Where does RF-SMART fit with the R3 release? What is our role?

MM: RF-SMART sees significant opportunity with the release of Dynamics AX 2012 R3!  I will outline four different opportunities.

1. We see the need for RF-SMART within the WHS module.  Many companies will implement the advanced warehouse module but may find the RF scanning capabilities lacking.  RF-SMART is prepared with the ability to leverage the advanced warehouse module by significantly strengthening the RF scanning features and functionality while also improving the user experience.

2. We also see opportunity to continue to provide RF-SMART to companies that do not want the complexity of the advanced warehouse (WHS) module.  RF-SMART is already compatible with the WMS I and WMS II modules of AX 2012 R3. This RF-SMART solution may be of particular interest to Manufacturers.  Some Manufacturers may find it easier and more cost effective to run their Manufacturing operations on WMS I, while still leveraging the WHS module for their finished goods warehouse(s).

3. Software is only one component of a larger solution.  The hardware infrastructure around site surveys, wireless access points, pre-printed labels, bar code printers, and mobile devices is critical to match to each customers’ specific environment and business needs. RF-SMART is a large reseller of ruggedized handheld scanning devices.  These scanning devices will be necessary for Customers as they deploy the capability of AX 2012 R3.  We provide world class expertise in helping Customers choose the device that makes sense for their business as well as arranging for the installation of the wireless network in each facility, even if RF-SMART software is not involved.

4. The final opportunity for RF-SMART is that we have launched an advanced warehouse (WHS) implementation practice.  We will be supporting our trusted Dynamics AX partners by providing WHS implementation services, even when RF-SMART software is not involved.  There are few companies in the world that know Dynamics AX and warehousing like RF-SMART.  With our great people, extensive knowledge, and stellar reputation, we see a great opportunity to provide value to Customers and Partners around the world.

Who is the Dynamics AX 2012 R3 WHS module for?

MM: That is a great question!  The short answer is…I’m not sure.  We have spent hundreds of hours training on the new module and we have attended sessions on two continents.  We have engaged with outside experts to solicit their opinions.  All that being said, I see the WHS module ideally suited for sophisticated warehouse and manufacturing operations that have the discipline to create an advanced system-directed warehouse operation.  These companies are able to create work rules for everything they want to happen inside the four walls and have the WHS module dictate the activities of the workforce.  The ideal Customer is either moving from a best of breed warehouse management system or ready to take the next step after many years of using automated data collection in their business.

What are the next steps for those organizations with questions?

MM: RF-SMART is uniquely positioned to answer questions regarding AX 2012 R3 WHS module.  We are able to take a holistic view of your needs.  We don’t have to sell you our software and we are a trusted name in the Dynamics AX ecosystem.  There is a lot of confusion about what options are available to companies.  We can walk you through those options and educate you so that you can make the best decision for your business.  If the WHS module is a good fit, we can team with your AX Partner to help conduct the implementation.


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