Top-4 Ways to Put Container Packing to Work for You

Several of the companies our team has personally met with have been faced with the uncertainty of not shipping the correct product, the correct amount of that product or knowing if it was even sent to the correct customer. Can you relate?

Well, this got us thinking, wouldn’t it be nice for customers to receive a detailed packing list for each of the containers’ contents?

Container Packing

What resulted was a powerful extension of Microsoft Dynamics AX & JD Edwards, enhancing the capabilities of shipping processes and overall, increasing accuracy in container packing - particularly in these four areas:

  1. Improved picking process
  2. Decreased amount of shipping errors
  3. Traceability into identifying the shipped contents
  4. Validation that the right product and the right amount was shipped to the right customer

Sound too good to be true?

Thorlabs, a market-leading designer and manufacturer of photonics equipment for research, attributes its recent improvement of inventory accuracy to RF-SMART’s container packing functionality.

With more than 12,000 products that range in shape, size and part number, Thorlabs wanted to drive focus on improving accuracy in the shipping area of their business and decrease the amount of errors related to shipping. By implementing this packing functionality, Thorlabs was able to meet these goals and serve their end consumer’s needs. 

And Thorlabs isn’t the only company to experience the four benefits of utilizing advanced functionality like container packing.

Another RF-SMART customer who is an industry-leader in construction also implemented RF-SMART’s packing workflow. Since go-live, this South African organization significantly improved their tracking of container shipments and increased total validation of product location.

Other companies have actually chosen to tie this process into their shipping notification process. That way, when they go through their preferred shipping system, they can just tie the packing list into the container packing information and use it on their shipping labels.

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