Microsoft Dynamics AX Implementation: Testing Before Go Live

“Oh Testing, Oh Testing, Testing, Where Art Thou Testing?”

An important, but often neglected, piece of the implementation puzzle is the amount of testing that is done in both AX and RF-SMART prior to a company’s Go Live. Employees are expected to complete their daily tasks, learn an entirely new ERP system and become proficient in a data collection system all at the same time. 

With so few hours in a day, many may think “I’ll test it out later” or “I’ll learn it when I have to.” But putting testing off can really come back to haunt you.

A company could spend weeks down the road cleaning up their mistakes. Or worse: tensions can run high. Or even worse than that: the product could stop going in and out of the warehouse.

Companies that test their system’s workflows several weeks before their Go Live can rest assure that their experience will go much smoother than if they were to “wing it” with their new software.

For more information on how your company could be testing their workflows, speak to our support team.

(And if you don't take our word for it, or just take it from the late William Shakespeare,“Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.”)

Microsoft Dynamics AX Implementation