Can you automate data collection in your warehouse without barcodes?

Many people have pondered whether it’s possible to automate data collection without using barcodes or RFID.

And the answer is: YES.

Better yet, the solution is fairly simple and available today.

A trend we are seeing for the future of data collection hardware is optical character reading (OCR) software and a hardware host in the form of either a mobile computer or PC.

This duo solution can enable the reading of a shipping container number, license plate, vehicle ID number (VIN), a check, and even a date code. Basically, as long as the characters conform to some sort of consistent pattern, they can be imaged.

In the image below, the CK71 mobile computer, with an extended range imager, captures the shipping container number from about fifteen feet away as easily as taking a picture.

The image is processed by the OCR engine and made available to the application. 



Joe McClure is with Global Software group. He is currently in sales and has had numerous sales support positions within Intermec over the past 21 years. His current position includes introducing new technologies that can differentiate partner’s offerings including the Imaging Solution. Joe works with resellers on how to integrate these differentiators with their solution, prepare demos and assist with end user presentations.