Calling All Innovation Partners

Our process for bringing problem-solving ideas to market is based on “The Lean Start-Up,” by Eric Ries. And this process is completely transforming the way new products are being developed and launched. And you could be a part of it.

We have a few ideas. Ideas for products that solve business problems… perhaps problems your company is experiencing.

How the process works:

Our team visits several manufacturing, distribution and retail companies to explore their supply chain operations and identify pains and problems they have. Other product ideas come from industry research and our team’s experience.

After identifying problems, we develop a minimum viable product (MVP) that enables us to present a proposed solution to that problem to multiple customers, partners and prospects. This helps us validate that we’re actually solving a problem as well as learn how prevalent a problem is.

Given this initial feedback, we:

  • Pivot (change or improve the MVP)
  • Persevere (keep going… we have something here!)
  • Learn that the problem isn’t so important after all, and move on to other projects. Regardless of the outcome here, we consider the learning that takes place as success.
When we have the empirical data to support a move-forward decision, we develop and deliver functional prototypes to companies to use the solution in the real world.

We call the companies that participate in the initial feedback loop and prototype usage our Innovation Partners.

Our Innovation Partners are critical to helping us determine valuable ways to invest in R&D – which is a whopping 15% of our software sales revenue – and bring great innovations to market.


Where you come in:

If you have a passion for innovation and want to be involved in providing feedback on and/or testing cutting-edge product ideas, today is the day – your day – to become an RF-SMART Innovation Partner.  

As an Innovation Partner you’ll get a glimpse into new product ideas, have the ability to influence features and functionality, and even test ideas in your business that can wipe out inefficiencies and even enable competitive advantage.

If you are interested in becoming an RF-SMART Innovation Partner – or want to recommend someone who might be – please let us know by sending an email to