Transforming our Customers through Innovation

As a tech company, we are always looking to solve more business problems for our customers. One way we encourage this is through our annual Days of Innovation. While we could call any day one of innovation, we’ve also recognized that sometimes the best ideas come from those who are in the thick of things with our customers on a daily basis.  

Days of Innovation at RF-SMART

Days of Innovation lets employees form small teams across departments to try and solve any problem relevant to the business. The teams then present their idea to a group of judges looking for the most innovative ideas that can enhance our day to day lives at RF-SMART, as well as those of our customers.

Given only 48 hours, teams are challenged to design and build a problem-solving solution while putting aside any other work. It is focused, it is fast, it is a bit frenzied. But In the end? We have a ton of new ideas.

“Year after year, I’m impressed with what these teams come up with,” said Ben McDonald, VP of Products. “Every year we see better products with better features. This year was no exception. It was mind-boggling to see what they developed in only 48 hours.” 

A few highlights from the 2017 Days of Innovation:

  1. Customer Visit Map is a marriage of Google maps and our internal data. We hope this will take our company-wide initiative for superior customer service to the next level. By dynamically viewing our customers on the map, our teams will be able to see multiple data points and be better able to drive our customer visit strategy.

  2. RF-SMART File Share is a truly remarkable product developed within 48 hours. This secure, polished and organized application is an RF-SMART version of a file-sharing.  No longer will we be raking through files to locate pertinent data for each other or our customers, nor will our file sharing be hindered by large file sizes. We hope this will further open communication lines between our customers and support teams, while also providing a more satisfying experience. 

    RFSMART File Share

  3. Snapshot QA tool will provide more efficient testing for RF-SMART. As a software company, we have a dedicated team of QA analysts whose sole job is to make sure RF-SMART works for our Customers. Snapshot hopes to reduce the time it takes to QA our software. The premises is that while our QA team is clicking through RF-SMART, they are also creating a regression test. This could reduce testing time by 75%!  What does this mean for our customers? Faster, better tests during the QA process will mean more time spent rustling up new products.

We’re always looking for creative and passionate team members. Learn about RF-SMART and our open career opportunities.  

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