RF-SMART is Crazy for our Customers – and we’ll Prove it!

At RF-SMART, our mission is to transform customers and change lives. And while that in and of itself is a pretty lofty goal, we are aiming to go one step further and continue to transform those customers. 

For 2016, we are rolling out a new initiative to visit 200 RF-SMART customers in their day to day business operations. Many different RF-SMART employees will take part in these visits to both educate our customers on what’s new at RF-SMART and more importantly, gather feedback to make their experience even better.

To give a little more insight as to why we think this is important, we sat down with RF-SMART’s Vice President of People Aaron Ellinger to learn more.

Aaron Ellinger

What inspired this initiative?
Aaron Ellinger: ICS has always been focused on transforming our customers, but we also have this sense that we can and should be doing even more to help transform them.  Last year, Michael (RF-SMART CEO) came up with the idea of creating an initiative that would get a cross-section of ICS employees visiting customers at their place of business.

What impact is RF-SMART hoping to make from the 200 visits?
AE: From a customer perspective, we hope that we will improve relationships with our customers, ensure an accurate understanding of how our customers are using RF-SMART, and identify additional areas where RF-SMART can help transform them. 

How does this new initiative touch on our new performance principles?
AE: We’ve always valued our customers, but putting such a big number out there might seem a little crazy….but hey, we’re “crazy for our customers!”  We strive to be “easy to do business with”, and the way that we find out if we are accomplishing this is to meet face to face with customers and ask them!  And finally, we never want to take things for granted, and so by challenging our customers to provide product ideas, we continue to show that “creativity matters.”

We’ve visited our customers in the past (check out some fun pictures on our Facebook page), but we are excited to prove how crazy we are for our customers. 

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