RF-SMART Goals: Adding Value 365 Days a Year

Every year, the members of the RF-SMART leadership team get together and discuss what we would like to achieve in the following year. These discussions create the RF-SMART annual corporate goals.

This year, one of our goals we have chosen to pursue is to add incremental value to our Customers.

We thought it might be helpful to understand what this goal means to you and to RF-SMART, so we asked Michael Morales, CEO, to expand on this new initiative.

What does this goal mean for our customers?

MM: Throughout the history of RF-SMART, we have done a great job of creating substantial business value for companies within the first year of their purchase of RF-SMART.  Many times these companies engage with RF-SMART to help them implement their first ever automated data collection solution and other times, we are helping them replace a system that is not meeting their expectations.  We have many success stories of how RF-SMART has transformed businesses in their initial year of running RF-SMART.

I see an opportunity for us to improve in how we add value to RF-SMART Customers who are past their initial year with RF-SMART and looking to further transform their business.  I challenged the RF-SMART business to provide additional value to our Customers in 2014.  Yes, companies have received a significant return on investment with RF-SMART from their initial purchase.  I want to take it a step further and ensure that companies are receiving incremental value from RF-SMART year after year.

What does this mean for RF-SMART?

MM: We must plan our research and development investments with our longtime Customers in mind.  We have to be mindful of adding new functionality to RF-SMART that can only be used on the latest version of RF-SMART and make it easy for Customers to upgrade to the latest RF-SMART version.  From a Professional Services perspective, we often take a Customer live while delaying several longer term adjustments until after go live.  Both parties get busy and sometimes those adjustments don’t occur.  We want to be committed to reconnecting with our Customers and reminding them of additional improvements that they can make in their business.  Finally, it means an even greater focus on the Customer.  We care about them and want to see their businesses succeed year after year.

How will this goal be measured?

MM: We are going to measure adding incremental Customer value in a very simple way.  When we think that we have added additional value to a Customer’s business, we are going to send them a one question survey asking if they agree.  For every ‘yes,’ we will count that acknowledgement towards our 2014 goal.

How do you feel this reflects our vision statement?

MM: Adding incremental Customer value is in perfect alignment with our mission statement - We exist to transform our Customers and change lives.  We want to consistently transform the businesses of our Customers.  We will not be satisfied by the initial transformation that takes place when a Customer implements RF-SMART.  We will seek out ways that we can continue to transform our Customers’ businesses year after year.

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