WMS Success for NetSuite UK Customers

For over 30 years, RF-SMART has helped businesses across the globe achieve greater levels of productivity, efficiency and accuracy by delivering mobile data collection solutions. In December, we welcomed our 600th NetSuite customer, adding to our growing portfolio around the world and specifically in the UK.

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Being a Native NetSuite solution has its advantages, and these benefits are quickly realised by our customers: RF-SMART for NetSuite is agile and easy to implement (meaning it can be installed and functional within minutes), it requires no coding on the device, and it is compatible with a wide range of bin management practices (or even no bins at all). 

NetSuite in the UK

Improving supply chain efficiency is a crucial goal for manufacturers, distributors and retailers across the globe. The benefits of switching to automation are undeniable, which might be the reason we have doubled our EMEA customer base in the past 15 months. Upon implementing our cloud-based solution, many UK customers have reported dramatic improvements across their businesses.

Frescobol Carioca, a luxury men’s resortwear brand with several UK-based retail locations, was in search of a solution that would help minimise the number of manual errors incurred during their picking process. They were projecting rapid growth over the coming year and needed a reliable platform that could aid their efforts in scaling up.

“A solution to manage our inventory was essential. If you want to expand your company, you need RF-SMART.”

The business decided to implement RF-SMART for purchase orders and putaways, including inventory returns, stock takes and bin counts. Staff immediately saw the benefit of having greater visibility over their inventory, streamlining many of their processes whilst picking errors declined rapidly.

“The moment you submit, the transaction shows up in NetSuite. The integration is very good, and we’re quite happy.”

Today, Frescobol Carioca work with a picking accuracy of 99%. RF-SMART has allowed them to have a real-time view of their inventory, increased control of their stock and far fewer gaps for human error. The impact of increased productivity has allowed Frescobol Carioca to reduce their seasonal staff without compromising the number of orders picked per day, saving them $40,000.

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The Power of Accurate Inventory

Manufacturers that have not yet switched to automation often identify lack of inventory control as one of their primary pain points. This was the case for JTAPE, a UK-based manufacturer of specialist masking and detailing tape products for the automotive aftermarket.

“The main element for us it to have our stock correct. RF-SMART gives us 100% satisfaction and faith in our inventory.”

JTAPE began their journey with RF-SMART by implementing barcoding and label printing as part of their receipt process, giving them an instant real-time view of their stock. Greater visibility meant that they could replenish their inventory more accurately whilst reducing wastage and not worrying about “worst case scenarios.” Gruelling annual physical counts became a thing of the past – employees could now count in real time. RF-SMART also helped JTAPE improve the efficiency and accuracy of purchase order receiving and assembly picks and builds.

The result of these efforts has had a measurable impact on performance: JTAPE’s assembly build time has decreased by 75% and staff are 20%-30% more productive.

“RF-SMART makes us a lot more efficient than we have ever been.”

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