A Fresh Look: Becoming a Trusted Supply Chain Adviser

We’ve spent 40+ years helping companies automate their business processes through mobile barcoding solutions. Our software is proven. And so are our people. As we look ahead, we plan to continue to deliver purpose-built solutions to our Customers as we also help them achieve their supply chain objectives beyond barcoding.   

RF-SMART Supply Chain Adviser

We asked CEO Michael Morales his thoughts on making the shift from a barcode solution to Supply Chain Adviser. Here is what he had to say: 

Why do we want to become a trusted supply chain adviser? Where did the idea originate?

Michael Morales: We have had tremendous success transforming Customers through the initial RF-SMART project, but in acting like a trusted supply chain adviser, we want to continue to help our Customers transform their business year after year. 

As we reviewed our business, we found that while our Customers are very loyal and enjoy a long-term relationship with RF-SMART, they are missing some of the additional value that we could provide to their operations. They see us as the “barcoding people” when we have solutions for automation, workforce productivity and warehouse consulting and design. We want to better live out our mission of transforming Customers and changing lives.  

What steps is the company taking to accomplish this?

MM: First, we are working on getting the word out to our Customers that we want to have a trusted adviser relationship with them.  We want you to think about us differently.

Second, we are building up key competencies that a trusted supply chain adviser should have. For example, we have a practice that performs warehouse design and optimization services. That practice is helping Customers redesign warehouses, explore opportunities for automation solutions, and enhance workforce productivity. 

Third, we are challenging our consultants and team members to not only implement RF-SMART software, but also be more opinionated with our Customers regarding best practices and how to achieve their supply chain objectives. We’ve heard that our Customers want to know what other Customers are doing and how they are tackling a certain challenge. We want to do a better job of sharing that experience in 2018 and beyond.

What does this mean for our Customers?

MM: We can trace the birth of the RF-SMART product to us helping a Customer with a business challenge, and we are excited about teaming up on future innovation projects that can help solve supply chain challenges you are facing. 

How can they play an active role in this transition?

MM: Be forward in asking for our opinion regarding the decisions that you are contemplating for your business. We are going to ask ourselves the question, “How would a trusted supply chain adviser act in this situation?” and answer appropriately. There are over 1000 of you actively making decisions about your warehouse, retail, and manufacturing operations, and we can be a valuable asset for you. 

Please discuss your strategic objectives for the next 12 – 24 months with an RF-SMART team member. We may be able to provide value to your business in ways that you haven’t considered. Also, by sharing with us your strategic goals and plans, we may even partner with you on new applications and functionality because they are in alignment with our desire to be a trusted supply chain adviser. 

How do we know when we’ve hit the goal of becoming a supply chain adviser?

MM: If our Customers are sharing with us their strategic objectives, asking us if RF-SMART can help them in an area in which they are uncertain about RF-SMART’s capabilities, and if they are leveraging RF-SMART for warehouse consulting, workforce productivity and automation projects, then we will know that we are becoming a trusted supply chain adviser.

My sincere desire is for each of our Customers to maximize their return on investment in RF-SMART and for RF-SMART to help further transform their business year after year.  When we act like a trusted supply chain adviser, and they give us the opportunity, I am confident that we can add even more value to their business.

Have a strategic business objective we should discuss?